Woodland View, Cleeves and Whitehead Trust

Thursday, 6th June 2019 and the Provincial Grand Master, Jim Steggles, his good lady Joan together with Jim and Eileen Stanley, Philip and Ruth Drury and myself visited this NHS Nursing Home, one of the two supported in Sheffield; It is unique in that it is the only such facility in the country managed the NHS. We were met Chris Herrett, Sincerity Mark Lodge who drew this deserving cause to the attention of Philip Drury and the rest is history. The NHS home is supported a dedicated charity, The Woodland View Dementia Support Group. 

Their residents are all severe dementia sufferers whose complicated needs cannot be met other than in a dedicated, specialised unit. This small, local charity comprises relatives, friends and staff who help and support residents and they try to make life a little better  raising money for the “extras” which make the days richer. The C&WT was able to donate the funding for a “Tovertafel” (“The Magic Table” in Dutch). This piece of equipment, a projector which displays moving images and sounds onto a flat surface. is interactive, colourful and stimulating. The residents are encouraged the projections in instinctive participation to engage at a level of physical and social activity rarely seen in people living with dementia at this stage of their journey.  Games can be played both independently and with others, either residents and staff or, particularly, family and other visitors allowing Grandchildren to join in with their Grandparents, excellent therapy. 

We were very impressed the people we met who included Trustees Mrs. Rita Brooks and her friend, minder (her words not mine) Mrs. Sue Harding OBE, both of whom have been involved for nine years and Jim Sherwin, the Registered Manager. At one point in our discussions comment was made that they could do with another ”Magic Table”, well if you do not ask you most certainly will not get. I would most  heartily concur having seen the impact made, over to you Trustees!  

Brethren Smile, be happy, we are all Mark Master Masons.

Worshipful Brother Duncan Smith P.G.S.D.

Communications Manager