West Riding Masonic Charities Limited Your Charity working in the Community

Brethren of Yorkshire West Riding our sincere thanks for your continued generosity. You are our benefactors without whom we could not offer support to our Brethren, their Families and the wider community in these incredibly challenging circumstances.

May we remind you that you are also our ‘Eyes and Ears’ without whom we cannot continue to assist those in need ‘Your help is more important than ever’.

We are proud that on your behalf we have been able to respond so quickly. For your information we have already assisted the following organisations:

£2295.00 Star Bereavement and Support Services Ltd. – Wakefield
Supporting children and young people after a family bereavement.

£2735.00 Charlies Angel Centre Foundation. – Leeds
The foundation helps families rebuild their lives after the loss of a baor child.

£2880.00 Zarach – Leeds – are a charity helping children and families out of poverty. The grant is to provide ‘bed bundles’ which comprise a mattress, duvet, pillow and sheets.

£5000.00 Cavendish Cancer Care. – Sheffield – Is a local charity dedicated to improving the quality of life of people living with cancer, their families and carers [they work with nearly 2000 adults and children each year]. In these incredibly challenging times the service offered is more important than ever, with the current social distancing measures only serving to worsen the anxiety and sense of isolation which often accompanies a cancer diagnosis. Due to the present situation a large number of fund raising events have been cancelled or postponed. This will leave an immediate budget shortfall of around £20,000 over the next 4 weeks. The grant will enable the charity to continue its work

£2500.00 Firefly Cancer Awareness. – Doncaster and District. A voluntary organisation providing free transport services to circa 250 cancer patients per week taking them to and from Sheffield Hospitals. The service is funded entirely contributions raised events and the local community. All of which are now cancelled.

£2500.00 Leeds – South and East Foodbank. – Their aim is to feed local people in the grip of food crisis and to support them to build a more stable future. Over the last 12 months the organisation has fed 13,673 people, a 10% increase on the previous year. The charity collects food donations which are distributed to their 11 foodbank centres. The very limited reserves have been diverted to acquire additional food to meet their usual demand following the reduction in corporate and public donations as a result of COVID-19. The grant is to cover costs of a vehicle [the lease of which is due for renewal] together with fuel and insurance.

CHOICES is working hard and is committed to providing assistance and support whenever a West Riding Freemason, his Widow, family or dependants are:
• In financial distress
• Have an urgent need
• Have other immediate and pressing necessities

CHOICES is quick, it is simple, and it is extremely effective. For the fastest response contact your Lodge Almoner. If confidentiality is a requirement ring the confidential help line on 03449 020220

Provided on behalf of WRMCL
W.Bro. Peter Worth and V.W.Bro. Jack Pigott