We need to careful

Well, you need to be careful in this lockdown scenario with people going crazy.

I’ve just been In a discussion with the microwave and toaster and we are in agreement that things are getting worse. Of course I didn’t mention anything to the washing machine as she puts a different spin on things and I certainly didn’t say owt to the fridge, a cold and unapproachable chap. I did discuss it with the vacuum cleaner and he said the whole thing sucks. Meanwhile the blender has mixed feelings and the taps were running hot and cold.

The whisk wouldn’t talk because she didn’t want to whip things up and the eggs kept a low profile because they didn’t want to get beaten. I didn’t ask the oven, far too hot headed. The bin just came up with a load of rubbish and the freezer was very frosty. Anyway the iron was the calming influence, she said no situation is too pressing. The carving knife made some cutting remarks but the squash was very cordial. 

I think I’ll go see my friends in the garden, maybe get a bit of sense there