The Portal Lodge of Mark Master Masons No.127, Escorted Visit October 2017.

A packed house at the Masonic Hall , Eastgate , Barnsley on Thursday, 19th October to welcome the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Worshipful Brother Alan Oldfield and a cavalcade of Provincial Officers of the year. Their entry to the Lodge superbly choreographed the Deputy Provincial Director of Ceremonies, Worshipful Brother Andrew Brown, I like to mention him occasionally because he can feel forgotten. This undoubtedly swelled the numbers and it was a pleasure to see so many present to witness the advancement of the candidate, Brother Arthur Alexander.

The Lodge having been opened in due form, upon a report, W.Bro.Alan and the Escort were duly admitted and took their places. When the Worshipful Master, Worshipful brother Richard Clague enquired , “has the Candidate paid the necessary fees”, the response from the Treasurer, Worshipful Brother Roger Harvey, was, “Yes I have a Postal Order”, life does move ever so slowly in these parts. W. Bro. Richard then presided over one of the most professional ceremonies I have seen this year, ably assisted Worshipful Brother Raymond Hooley as Senior Deacon, There were additional cameo roles for Worshipful Brother Ian Potter, excellent explanation of the Signs and Secrets, Worshipful Brother Ian Schofield equally impressive with the Working Tools. Most impressive of all was W.Bro.Richard, there were no books in sight, virtually flawless, culminating in the Conclusion address, perhaps the most moving piece of Masonic Ritual, one which I never tire of hearing.

The remaining business duly despatched, all adjourned for a very welcome and tasty Festive Board. The Toast to the Province was in the safe hands of the W.M., W.Bro.Richard who, in view of time pressures kept it short. This also applied to the response W.Bro.Alan, who said that it was a delight for him and the Provincial Officers to visit the Lodge. He, and they, had been made most welcome and he thanked all those who had congratulated him on his appointment as a Ruler, he feels very humble at the trust placed in him and will do everything to maintain the high standards set his predecessors.

Toasting the newly advanced Bro. Arthur, his proposer, W.Bro.Richard informed that Bro. Arthur had originally become a Freemason in South Africa. After returning to these shores he joined the Richard Linnecar Lodge No.6413 in Wakefield, whoa I must question why did he not join Integrity, no we will not go there. W. Bro. Richard was delighted to see him a Mark Master Mason and was confident that he will prove a most competent member. Replying, Bro.Arthur thanked all who had taken part, being delighted at the numbers in the temple, a plethora of Provincial officers I think he said, and looked forward to many happy years in Mark Masonry.

Another of those delightfully enjoyable Mark Masonic meetings we are all privileged to witness.
Smile, be happy.

Worshipful Brother Duncan Smith P.G.S.D.
Communications Manager