The Masters Charity Bike Ride from London to Brighton

In the early part of 2012 the Mark Lodges of West Yorkshire had been circulated with a letter from Bro Geoff Driver of Worth Lodge. He was to attempt a charity bike ride from Clapham Common to the Masonic Home at Hove, although a Craft organised ride for the Charity Wheelpower which supplies wheelchairs, and services for disabled sportsmen and women. Geoff decided that he would take part on behalf the Cleeves and Whitehead Trust as well as the Prostate Charity and that he was the only one from the North participating in the ride. VW Bro Bob Corfield heard of this and decided to keep Geoff company after all it was only 65 miles, arrangements were made, hotels booked training started, with only a few weeks to go to the ride on 23rd June, Geoff and Molly went off on holiday to, prepare for the big day.

On arriving home he didn’t feel to good, he went to the doctors and within days a heart pacemaker was fitted, the result being he was not allowed to participate.

So it was to be a solo ride for the Brother from the North, not a problem, after all it was flat from London to Brighton with just a bit of a bump in the middle called the Ditchling Beacon said my cycling friends!!

The day arrived and supported wife Pauline and son Martyn [in car] we assembled at Clapham Common at 7 am it was reasonably warm and dry but there was to be a 20 mph headwind all the way. I can now inform my cycling friends that Sussex is NOT flat with every checkpoint being at the top of a hill.

On arriving at the Home we were greeted the Provincial Grand Master of Middlesex who later presented us with our medals. The ride was worth the effort, as thanks go to the members of the Mark Lodges and many friends, The Cleeves and Whitehead Trust benefitted approx £1,500.00, the Prostate Charity £275.00 and Wheelpower £280.00, overall over £25,000.00 will be achieved the ride.

Thank you all for your donations and we wish Geoff good health in the coming months.


V.W. Bro. R Corfield P.G.J.O., R.A.M.G.R.