The Mark 250 Club- Autumn Draw

Purely as a reminder, the Mark 250 Club Committee consists of Chairman, W Bro L J Hendry, Co-ordinator, W Bro P Oldfield and 4 Representatives, one for each Area. W Bro K Harmer for Leeds & District, W Bro R J Murtagh for Huddersfield & Halifax, W Bro R J Stone for Bradford & District and W Bro J Bulliman for South Yorkshire. Each of the Reps has formed teams of Representatives for each Lodge in their area in an effort to cover the whole Province.

There are two draws each year, one at the Annual Meeting of Provincial Grand Lodge in April at Bradford. and one at the meeting of the Carl Whitehead Lodge of Royal Ark Mariner No. 110 which hosts the Annual Assembly of the Provincial Grand Royal Ark Mariner at Tapton Hall. The Autumn Draw was undertaken on 11 October at Tapton Hall, when 10 lucky recipients were to receive their prizes on the day but as only 4 were in attendance, the remaining 6 were posted to them the Club’s Co-ordinator. At this draw, £1,250 was distributed in prize money with the same amount going to the Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of West Yorkshire. Three prizes of £250, 3 of £100 and 4 of £50, Total £1,250 but bear in mind that the amount paid out is 50% of the contributions and can, therefore, vary.

The 250 Club has achieved its initial aim which was to purchase the Anniversary Button, they have now moved on to the refurbishment of Provincial furnishing and regalia, the Provincial Sword has already been restored and work has begun on the Banner. One of the winners, as is evident from the attached photo, was the Chairman, W. Bro. John Hendry. This gave rise to questions as to whether the Serious Fraud Office should be asked to investigate but I am assured that the Treasurer, W. Bro. Philip Oldfield and an Overseer were present, the latter, someone the name of Right Worshipful Brother James Steggles all perfectly in order methinks, OK we will leave it at that then!!

John Hendry s

There is still much to do and the Club and its Committee thank all those who are supporting them and hope many others will join us as they forge ahead in supporting the Sesquicentenary Anniversary celebrations of the Province in 2020/21. In respect of participation, I did comment in April that only 280 individual Brethren out of a membership of 1300 approx were members. I am now told that due to some not being renewed that has now reduced to 255.  Can I ask that you again, give this a moment’s thought, if every Brother had 1 ticket , total income £13000, prize fund £6500, residual £6500 the latter would possibly be available to defer Provincial costs and therefore mitigate future rises in Provincial dues, thererelieving pressure on individual Lodge dues!!, ultimately your own pocket and you may win something along the way.

As always, be happy and enjoy your Mark Masonry.