The Lines were drawn at Pudsey Lodge of MMM No.658 and he did not disappoint

The Regular January meeting of the Pudsey Lodge of Mark Master Masons No.658 was opened in due form on Monday, 14th January 2018 the Worshipful Master, Worshipful Brother Trevor Backhouse accompanied sixteen officers and Brethren and one visitor ME. Minutes approved and Officers not present at the Installation in November, appointed and Invested, Worshipful Brother Stuart Lines, the Tyler, was admitted and took the floor to entertain.

His talk was entitled,’Some aspects of Mark Ritual considered- Practical thoughts on familiar words’.  This was a most enigmatic title and we all waited with baited breath, or as the WM put it. ‘eagerly looking forward to being informed’, Stuart said the he felt the same way1.  The heart of the matter was that undoubtedly there are sections that do not bear scrutiny and whose veracity must be doubted but others are factually based. In the event it is the moral lessons which are communicated that form the basis of our precepts and are unquestionable. I cannot dilate upon the detailed content as that would negate future enjoyment for the reader,  suffice to say that we have no idea of the location of the First Temple as no evidence has ever been found,  Equally there are doubts about the Sacred Arch of King Solomon’s Temple and the truth, or otherwise, of the location of the quarries, but Stuart did shed some light upon these issues.

My recommendation, if you have the opportunity  visit Pudsey when he next performs, you will learn something, we all did and you will laugh, Stuart has a dry, cynical delivery which ensures that.

Under the professional direction of the Acting DC, W.Bro. Phil Boyd, matters were concluded in an hour and we adjourned to the dining room for a most welcome Festive Board. Toasts were kept to the minimum with that to the WM, W.Bro. Trevor in the hands of his predecessor W.Bro.Jack Barber who congratulated him upon his first Meeting as WM and exhorted all present to find a candidate to make his year complete. In response. W.Bro.Trevor reflected that some 9 years ago he was initiated into the Craft, through the Chair some two years ago and now in the Chair of his Mark Lodge, a singular honour,. As I was the only visitor we dispensed with the Toast but I must thank Worshipful Brother Graham Fisher for his company and the numerous memories we shared about a previous W.M. at Pudsey, R.W.Bro. Brian Emmett. I posed the thought at the Festive board we could do’ ‘Our Rulers in Mark Masonry supreme and subordinate’ whereupon  W.Bro. Phil thought it possible that Brian would rain down some punishment upon us, very possible so it was dropped. Apologies, one photo not very clear.

A wonderful Mark Masonic evening, Smile and be Happy,

Worshipful Brother Duncan Smith P.G.S.D.

Communications Manager