The Great Fizz Hunt

Help the Province find the lost bottles of Fizz, and support the 2023 Festival.
Simply select a grid number where you think the 4 bottles are hiding using the form at the bottom of the page, if the live grid is blank, then it’s already been chosen.

Each entry is £5.00 with all the money going towards the 2023 Festival.

  • 1st Prize : Bottle of Borgo Antico
  • 2nd Prize : Bottle of Lansons 1760
  • 3rd Prize : Bottle of Broadwoods Folly
  • 4th Prize : M&S Prosecco

if you have selected a square that has already been chosen, then you will be assigned the next available one on the grid. Once the grid is empty, the winner will be selected, at random and have their prizes delivered to them.

Click on the Image below to see the live Grid (opens a new window)