Chairman of the Trustee’s Half Yearly Report 5th September 2020

Brother President and Brethren, this Half Yearly Report covers the period between the 7th March and the 5th September 2020.

As, I am sure, you are all aware this period is virtually the whole of the lock down period imposed the government in response to the Coronavirus pandemic which has, and still is having an enormous effect on everyone’s lives.

Throughout this period the Trustees and Support Officers have  worked continuously to provide the pastoral care and support that our members have been accustomed to since the Trust was first commissioned in 2005.

The Trust has, during in this past six months , made donations of £54,827 in supporting our members and their families as well supporting the Mark Benevolent Fund via the West Yorkshire 2023 Festival, in the sum £69,702, and the East Lancashire and Kent Festivals to a value of £7,500.

In addition we have handed out grants to other worthy causes and charities totalling £10,508.

Some of those charities and worthy causes receiving grants include Connaught Court [£3,000 ]; Carers Resource [ £1,000 ]; Medisafe [ £2,580 ] the Medic Response Team [ £2,000 ] and                                                        The Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice [£1,000 ] . The latter being a joint venture with the North Notts. and Derbyshire Provinces.

The pandemic has also had a serious effect on our two Almoners’ Lunches and the annual holiday to Lytham St. Anne’s. All of which have , with some reluctance, been cancelled.

But rest assured we are strongly determined to ensure that the two lunches and the holiday will 

take place in 2021.

Indeed we are intending to issue details of the April lunch and the summer holiday sometime in the new year, to enable our Lodge Almoners to submit the names of suitable brethren and dependents for consideration for these events. A task our beleaguered Secretary will relish  I’m sure!
Whilst on that subject our sincere thanks go out to our Secretary, W. Bro. Jim Reynolds for all the work he’s done for the Trust this past six months and for what he will be doing in the next six.

My thanks also go out to all the Almoners and Charity Stewards who work hard to support the Trust and their members, and I would also like to take the opportunity to thank all those who have attended the workshops presented the Provincial Almoner, W. Bro. Paul Leach.

Thanks are also due to the above mentioned Provincial Almoner, W. Bro. Paul Leach, and his assistant Alex Steele, who between them have covered many miles in trying to maintain that all important contact with the brethren and dependents whilst adhering to lockdown guidelines.

We are indebted to the work these two, along with the C.H.O.I.C.E.S. Care & Support Officers, do on behalf of the Trust and the Province and I would also like to thank West Riding Province for their generous support of the new scheme we now have in place.

Some of the cases the Trust has been involved with concern those suffering from dementia. 

Brethren, we are seeing an increase in these cases and are currently offering short respite periods to those who are carers for their loved ones and who are feeling the pressures of their responsibilities.

If Lodge Almoners know of any of our dependents who would benefit from this scheme they should contact the Provincial Almoner with details so that consideration may be made. 

And now for the Maths side of this Report.

The brethren should note that the Trust has, this past year, expended £163,214 in discharging it’s    

responsibilities to the brethren and dependents, whilst achieving an income of some £103,358, resulting in a deficit of £59,856.

Whilst we still maintain a healthy Balance Sheet the Trustees are aware that deficits will continue until 2024 when we should hopefully see a slow but steady recovery of the Trust’s financial status.

At the risk of repeating myself I would again ask our Lodge Charity Stewards to remind our brethren that their Charity, The Cleeves and Whitehead Trust, needs their financial support to pay the bills and to maintain the standards we have achieved, and that the best way of doing this is a Standing Order of just a few pounds per month.

Reading this report is, I am sure, far more onerous than having to sit and listen to me present it at what should have been our Half Yearly Meeting at Pontefract, so with this in mind I have kept it somewhat briefer than usual but all the same I thank you all for taking the time to read it thus far,and behalf of all involved with Trust wish you all good health until we can meet again.
Hopefully at Westbourne House in March 2021.

Stay safe.

Brother President, Brethren all, that concludes my half yearly report on behalf of The Cleeves and Whitehead Trust.


Jim Stanley

Chairman of the Cleeves and Whitehead Trust