The Carl Whitehead Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No. 110

The half yearly meeting of the Lodge was held at Tapton Hall on Saturday, 7th October when the Lodge was opened in due form the Worshipful Commander, Worshipful Brother Andrew Jagger. As at the end of August the membership stood at 154, as far as I am aware the largest Lodge in the Province, and many were present. The opening formalities concluded, including a ballot for five joining members, the business turned to the main agenda item. This meeting also hosts the Annual Provincial Meeting of the Fraternity of Royal Ark Mariners in the Province of West Yorkshire. Accordingly, upon a report, the Provincial Grand Master, Right Worshipful Brother James Steggles G.M.R.A.C. was admitted, escorted his team of Provincial Grand Lodge Officers, and accepted the sceptre, much to the relief of W. Bro. Andrew. The Provincial Officers then took Post and the Annual Meeting was officially opened.

The Provincial Grand Master then made appointments to Provincial Royal Ark Mariner Grand Rank for the following Worshipful Brethren;

A.C.M.N. Young Abbey 768
P Oldfield Dewsbury 641
J.R Tolson Portal 127
G.A. Cooper Bronte 535
M Prodywus St Hiev 1079
A Crusher Claro 525
M Nowell Pontefract 878
S Jobling Thorne 1004
P.R. Guest Abbey 768
P.E. Varley Wentworth 53
C Hawkins Caldene 501
D Bacon Welcome 651
N.R.S. Rowland Hipperholme 715
S.N. Wood Truth 137

R.W.Bro.Steggles then welcomed all with a special mention for his newly appointed Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Worshipful Brother Alan Oldfield and his Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Worshipful Brother Trevor Bolton; not forgetting Past Deputy Provincial Grand Masters for the Province of North and East Yorkshire, Worshipful Brothers, Fred Smith and Frank Snelgrove, also the Deputy Provincial Grand Master for the Craft Province of Yorkshire West Riding, Worshipful Brother Stuart Grantham. He then announced that, at the forthcoming Grand Assembly of the Fraternity Royal Ark Mariners to be held in London on the 12th December the following Brethren from the Province will receive preferment to Royal Ark Mariner Grand rank;

W.Bro.R.I.Holmes, Truth Lodge No.137
W.Bro.D.A.Taylor, Dewsbury Lodge No.641,
W.Bro.P.Brindley, Portal Lodge No.127.
W.Bro.T.A.T.Gatherum, Pudsy Lodge No. 658,
W.Bro.J.Whitworth, Pontefract lodge No. 878,

Congratulations to all.

A reminder was given in respect of the 2nd Northern Royal Variety show, proceeds to the 2023 Festival, which will take place at Bradford Grammar School on Saturday, 14th April 2028 and a ‘Barge Pull’ gain in aid of the 2023 Festival, more details to come. The Christmas Fayre will be held at Greenhead Masonic Hall on Sunday, 26th November and the Annual Carol service at Brighouse Methodist Church, Sunday 10th December. Finally confirmation of the consecration, on 29th May 2018 and based at Morley Masonic Hall, of the The RugFootball Lodge of R.A.M. No.1965, moored to the Mark Lodge, of the same name and number in East Lancashire.

A break from the norm, R.W.Bro.Jim asked that Worshipful Brother Leslie Hainsworth, Prov.R.A.M.G.R., a member of Old York T.I. R.A.M. and a joining member and Past Commander of St Hiev Lodge of R.A.M.No.1079, be brought to the floor where he was made a Holder of The West Yorkshire Royal Ark Mariner Distinguished Service Award, well merited. This was followed the presentation of a Grand Patron Gold Award collaret to the Scribe; none other than Worshipful Brother Derek Brian Cope, Fearnley Lodge of R.A.M. No.58.

The remaining business was then back in the hands of the W. Bro.Andrew, the main item being the Declaration of Worshipful Brother John English as the Commander for the ensuing year. No doubt that he will be looking forward to his year in office as will we, seafaring stories will abound. Hearty Greetings were then called, that from the P.Dep.P.G.M.’s being from,’ the Awesome Foursome’, that from the P.Asst.P.G.M.’s, ‘from the ‘Gruesome twosome’ When the retiring procession was being formed under the direction of W, Bro.John, he used the same terms but when it came to P.Prov.G.M, R.W.Bro. James Bennett Truswell, he came forward muttering, ’and the winsome onesome’, it could only happen in the Fraternity of R.A.M. or the Mark Degree.  After the meeting was closed, in due form, Brethren adjourned to join the Ladies at the Festive Board. An excellent day enjoyed all, smile, be happy and enjoy your Royal Ark Mariner Masonry.