The Aries Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 669 – Grand Tour

The Aries Lodge will celebrate its Centenary on the 16th December 2017, and they are planning to go ‘On Tour’ and visit all of the Bradford Lodges during this year to thank them for their hospitality and support during the early 2000’s when they were homeless and nomadic.

A dispensation has been granted for them to visit each and all of the Lodges and to hold an especial meeting, if convenient for the host Lodge.

The ‘Grand Tour’ will commence with a visit to Old York T.I. at Cleckheaton on Tuesday 24th January 2017, when Old York T.I. will be celebrating their Burns Evening. After concluding their regular business, Old York will call off and hand over the Lodge to Aries members to hold a short Especial meeting, to commemorate that evening on the 24th March 2004 when the Worshipful Master and Members of Old York Lodge T.I. kindly extended that wonderful hand of Mark Masonry Brotherly Love and Friendship to the tired and weary nomads of Aries Lodge, so that they could hold their regular meeting.

This gesture and those of the other Bradford District Lodges without doubt helped Aries Lodge through those troubled times and undoubtedly helped them survive and thrive and now look forward to their Centenary Celebration later this year.

They hope to visit Old York T.I , and the other Bradford Lodges, in goodly numbers, and on the 24th January, why not go along and visit their ‘Tour Bus’, and support Old York T.I., partake in the celebration evening and boost their numbers and their charity effort. And of course not forgetting, partake in that wonderful Burn’s Supper!! It is stressed that all visitors, other than Aries Lodge members, should please make their own early bookings with the Secretary of Old York, W Bro Edward Wilkinson.

Further visits have already been put in place being Worth Lodge of M.M.M. No.727 on February 20
and White Rose Lodge of M.M.M.No.1067 on the 10 April. In order to complete the set, visits will be arranged for later in the year at Gilkirke Lodge of M.M.M. No.812, St. Hiev Lodge of M.M.M. No. 1079, Wharfedale Lodge of M.M.M.No.1027. and Bronte Lodge of M.M.M. No. 535.

This sounds an exciting year for the Worshipful Master, Worshipful Brother Jason Cunningham and all of the Brethren. There seems little doubt that with significantly increased numbers, all of the Host Lodges will be benefit and, as a consequence, the West Yorkshire Mark Benevolent Fund Festival. My grateful thanks to the Secretary of Aries Lodge of M.M.M., Worshipful Brother David Wright for drawing this exciting initiative to my attention, I am sure that it will be very successful.

Why not put one of the meetings in your 2017 calendar, smile be happy and enjoy your Mark masonry.

W. Bro. Duncan Smith P.G.S.D.

Communications Manager.