Sticking together at Fearnley Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 58

Mark Master Masons from far and wide converged on Mirfield Masonic Hall on Wednesday, 12th October to witness an advancement ceremony. Far and wide it most definitely was with Right Worshipful Brother Stephen Davison, the Provincial Grand Master for the Province of Leicester and Rutland present. He was accompanied Worshipful Brother Barry Sayers, Grand Inner Guard and Worshipful Brother Terence Weston, Provincial Grand Registrar, both also from the Province of Leicester and Rutland. There were a goodly number of other guests including our own Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Worshipful Brother Richard Boswell Puttrell, 47 present in total, a good night.


The Worshipful Master, Worshipful Brother Rod Dyer dealt with the opening formalities where, despite emotional pleading, he still had his work to do, W. Bro. Richard returning the gavel with thanks. A moment to treasure came when Officers not present at the Installation were invested. This began with The Junior Warden, followed the Master Overseer and finally the Treasurer. The latter Worshipful Brother Chris Oldfield, glancing at his collar, pointed out that it was wrong. Eyes turned to the other 2, who was the one with the wrong collar, answer both of them, all 3 were exchanged!!


Mark Masonry continues to prosper at Fearnley Lodge with two candidates being approved, Brother David Glew,  a tenacious character who I am sure will adhere himself to all at Fearnley, chosen to be advanced  this meeting. Despite a little initial hesitancy, W. Bro. Rod performed superbly throughout and was very ably supported his Officers. Fearnley Lodge of M.M.M.  No. 58 does have its own ritual which, whilst not significantly different to Mark Ritual No 1, departs sufficiently to be worth seeing in itself, pay them a visit. A number of Past Masters were involved and I would mention Worshipful Brother Tony Mackrell for the Signs and secrets, authoritively despatched, Worshipful Brother Alan Oldfield an excellent rendition of the Badge, Jewel and working tools with, finally, a most sincere delivery of the Constitutions, Bye laws and particularly, the Conclusion Worshipful Brother Brian Page.  A professional ceremony in a very relaxed atmosphere which I am sure was well received the Candidate, Brother David.


The Festive board was in line with the high standards we have become used to in these rooms, so good that the Provincial Officers of the Year Sunday Lunch is held here and will be again in 2017. In his reply to the Toast to the Province, the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, W. Bro.  Richard welcomed R.W.Bro. Stephen and his colleagues and gave his own congratulations to Brother David upon his being made a Mark Master Mason, at the same time providing him with a copy of the Provincial Year Book.


Worshipful Brother Martin Charlesworth, Bro. David’s proposer then spoke about his candidate who, in summary, is a well read man with a balmy sense of humour, a caravanned and dog owner who is accident prone, should fit seamlessly into the Mark degree I would have thought. Bro. David responded thanking the Lodge for their welcome and assuring them that he looked forward to a long and happy association.


Another cracking Mark Masonic evening to file away in the memory banks, smile, be happy and enjoy your Mark Master Masonry.


Bro. Duncan Smith P.S.G.D.

Communications Manager