St Chad’s Lodge No 374 Quasquicentennial Celebratory Meeting

At the 125th Anniversary Celebration meeting a total of 131 masons were booked in to dine. The meeting opened in the main temple with three processions: Past Rulers, the PGM of North and East Yorkshire followed the PGM and his Officers of the Year.

The Secretary read the Consecration Minutes and the Minutes of the Centenary Meeting. Worshipful Brother Barker and Brother Johnson delivered the history of the Lodge illustrating each year with a significant worldwide event from that year. Worshipful Brother Brown presented the PGM with a cheque for £125 in respect of the Cleeves and Whitehead Trust which the PGM immediately passed to Worshipful Brother Bolton, Chairman of the Charities’ Commission.

Worshipful Brother Leach gave an informative Almoner’s Report on the Brethren and Widows of St Chad. Worshipful Brother Fothergill and Worshipful Brother Sandle presented the Lodge with two new Deacon’s wands which were immediately passed the Worshipful Master to his Deacons. The PGM and his team, the Rulers and the PGM of the North and East retired to rapturous applause. The Lodge was closed in due form, this concluded the work in the Temple and we then moved to the Festive Board.

After a hearty meal, a celebratory 125th Anniversary cake was cut the Worshipful Master and PGM. The Worshipful Master then proposed a fine toast to the health of the PGM who responded and included a toast to the health of the Lodge. He also thanked the President and all members of the L&DIMA for their support. The Worshipful Master responded thanking the PGM for his kind words and then went on to announce that on this very day it was the PGM’s 75th birthday. Lights were dimmed and Worshipful Brother Steele entered with a special birthday cake for the PGM.

This was followed an extremely large birthday card to be signed everyone present. The Worshipful Master then presented the PGM with a cut glass decanter which wouldn’t be any use without something to go in it, so a vintage bottle of whiskey was handed to the PGM.

The Worshipful Master then concluded thanking the PGM for spending his special birthday with the Brethren. The St Chad Brethren then produced a bouquet of flowers for the PGM to take home for his Lady for allowing him to come out to spend a most pleasant evening in the Lodge’s company. The PGM was left virtually speechless and could find little to say in reply other than to express how surprised he was and to say a heartfelt ‘thank you’. Everyone agreed it had been a splendid evening and that it would be remembered all present for a long time to come.