Rother Lodge of M.M.M. No. 651, Installation Meeting March 2018

A most enjoyable meeting was had Members and guests at the installation of Brother David Holyhead, yes it does prompt the thought, was he conceived there, shades of the Beckhams, at the Rother Lodge of Mark Master Masons No.651 on Thursday, 15th March.

In attendance was the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Worshipful Brother Alan Oldfield together with Worshipful Brother Chris Oldfield, Elected member of the Charity committee , both escorted the Deputy Provincial Grand director of Ceremonies, Worshipful Brother Andrew Brown. Salutations dealt with, the Worshipful Master , Worshipful Brother Ronald Cooke turned to the next item on the agenda. Rother are one of the few lodges that receive a report the Secretary of the activities of the Lodge in the previous year. Overall, a successful year with a candidate and other activities but, sadly, the death of Worshipful Brother Terence,’Terry’, Roebuck missed many, including visitors.

Attention then turned to the traison d’etre t of our attendance, installation of Bro.David. This was undertaken in a most sincere and warm manner Worshipful Bro, Ron but, as he had only asked for Mark Ritual No2 some three weeks earlier, sections had to be read and prompts given. The working Tools were presented Worshipful Brother David Bacon,, the Keystone Collaret Worshipful Brother Roy Bury. Worshipful Bro David then appointed and invested his officers, no surprises there. The addresses were then delivered respectively by; to the Master, Worshipful Bro Ron, the Wardens Very Worshipful Brother John Morgan, the Overseers again Worshipful Bro Roy, they did keep him working and last, but no means least, the Brethren the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Worshipful Bro Alan, congratulations to all on a job well done. The remaining administrative items speedily despatched all adjourned for well earned sustenance, prior to which a delight in these rooms, canapés including slices of dripping and bread, mini pork pie, sausages, too much but delicious.

The Toast to the Province was carefully presented Worshipful Brother Geoff Pilley who the Provincial Grand Lodge Officers for their work within the Lodge, expression the view that they are the fonts of all Masonic knowledge, however sometimes in different font, thanking him for his toast, the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Worshipful Bro  Alan congratulated Worshipful Bro David, wishing him a healthy and happy year in office. He also congratulated Worshipful Brother Alex Geddies, who was present, upon his impending preferment to Provincial Grand Junior Warden. This will take place at the Annual meeting to be held in Bradford on Saturday, 8th April, be there if you can. He also acknowledged the work that Very Worshipful Brother John Morgan has done for the Province, in several roles, over period of 25 years, only Right Worshipful Brother Carl Whitehead has a longer record of service.

In responding to the Toast to Masonic Charities, eloquently given Worshipful Bro Roy Bury, Worshipful Bro Chris Oldfield stressed the work done the Mark Benevolent fund, mobile chemotherapy units for tHope for Tomorrow’ charity, the replacement of fifty two Ambulances and support vehicles for St John Ambulance and a £107k refurbishment of the kitchen at St Oswald’s Hospice in Newcastle, we can all be justly proud. In the midst, the Cleeves and Whitehead continues with its activities, Almoners Luncheons, the first this year on Monday 9th April and a holiday at ‘The inn on the Prom’ at Lytham in July He finally cautioned that there my be those in need who are being overlooked, we must all remain vigilant .

Another treasured memory of Mark Master Masonry.

Worshipful Brother Duncan Smith P.G.S.D.

Communications Manager