Recycling in force, but well deserved, at Peace Lodge of MMM No,.681

The Installation at Peace Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 681 which took place at the Freemasons Hall in Uppermill, Thursday 25th October, was a tribute to Worshipful Brother Beverley John Heywood, the bearded wonder. I do not think that anyone would demur when I say that he has been the driving force for this Lodge, and its associate Ark Mariner Lodge for many years. It was, therefore appropriate, that he was given the honour of being the Worshipful Master for the Centenary Year of the Lodge, the Ceremony for which takes place on Saturday, 16th March 2019, yes put it in your diaries now, especially Junior Brethren who may never have seen this celebration.

After the Lodge had been opened in due form the W.M., Worshipful Brother David Leach, the fun and games began, where was the Chaplain?, ill so W.Bro.  Martin Roche stepped in,  Director of Ceremonies then could not find the Grand Lodge Officer to respond to Salutations, principally because I was sat behind him, the tone set, we had a cracking meeting of Mark Masonry, hard work evident but all enjoying their efforts. A report, and Worshipful Brother Andrew Brown, Prov. D,G.D.C entered, that being the prelude to the Provincial Grand Junior warden, Worshipful Brother Alex Geddes joining the party accompanied Worshipful Brother Paul leach, Elected Member of the Charity Committee.

On with the Installation, W.Bro.Bev presented W.Bro. Steven Spooner and then obligated, invested with the Collar and Jewel of Worshipful Master and placed in the Chair W.Bro. David, very smooth and sincere. The Working Tools explained W.Bro. Richard McEwen, back to W.Bro. David who presented and explained the Keystone Collaret in excellent form, a surprise that because Bev has done that for many years at Peace and other Lodges; The Addresses were despatched with ease the following;

Worshipful Master, W.Bro. David Leach,

Wardens, Very Worshipful Brother Mervyn Wilson,

Overseers, Worshipful Brother Alan Collett and for the

Brethren W,Bro Alex, perfect for his debut in the Role of Representing the Provincial Grand Master

The remaining agenda items covered, hearty Greetings were given Very Worshipful Brother Rod Taylor, Past Asst.Prov. G.M. congratulating Bev and saying, ‘if it is not tempting providence, hoping  that you have a peaceful year’, The lodge was closed.

A sumptuous Festive Board consumed, the Soup in these rooms is a meal on its own, Worshipful Brother Alan Knott proposed the Toast to the Province and, as he had said beforehand, it was almost identical to that he gave at Dartmouth earlier in the month. This he  he did eloquently saying that the Provincial Officers were key to the health and prosperity of the Lodges and , thereby, the Province; their standards lead the way.  W.Bro. Alex in response congratulated W.Bro.Bev and trusted that he would have a happy, and fruitful year in office,  He reminded all that the fundamental Principles of Freemasonry remain Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth   and that we must take care to demonstrate these qualities in our daily lives and actions and, thereby, set an example to the wider community and making ‘Better Men of Men’.  He stressed that visiting is at the core of the Mark Degree and that it is a key responsibility of the Office of Worshipful Master to represent his Lodge and encourage, leading example, the Wardens and Brethren of the Lodge to follow.; no need to remind Bev, he goes everywhere. Dates for your diaries;

Gala Ball, Bankfield Hotel, Bingley, Saturday, 1st December 2018, twenty eight places remaining

Annual Carol Service that will again be held at Brighouse Methodist Church on Sunday, 9th December.

Provincial Grand Lodge of West Yorkshire meeting, Bradford, Saturday 13th April 2019.

W.Bro. Bev then proposed the Toast to the Charities in the absence due to illness of W,Bro.Mike Jessop, advising that a donation would be made to the W.Y.M.B.F.F. at the Centenary meeting. W.Bro. Paul in his reply confirmed that the objectives of the Cleeves and Whitehead Trust remain unaltered being the relief of past and present Mark Master Masons, of West Yorkshire and their relatives and dependants who are in distress, need or danger. The Almoners Luncheons, which together with the annual holiday to St Annes, form the major items of expenditure continue  where new friends are made and old acquaintances joyfully renewed.

Higlight, the P.G.M. will be delighted when he reads this, his words have been heard, FIVE visiting Masters present being W.Bros. Warren Marsden Caldene 501, Alan Hampshire Beaumont 1523, Richard Brooke Truth 137, Kevin Beaumont Lightcliffe 715 and Alan Fisher Halifax706. Well done to all and to the Hudds Halifax IMA for leading the way, hopefully others will follow, remember actions speak louder than words.

Well you may think that you have heard it all but here, in Tony Mackrells own words is what happened; “ Brother Mackrell, famed for turning up ¾ of an hour late, recently called me to proudly announce that he was sat outside the Lodge building and that, on this occasion, he was ¾ of an hour early!! Not only that but, being so early, he was the only one in the car park. Result, sadly, I had to burst his bubble letting him know that he was actually 2 days and ¾ of an hour early!. Lodge night was Thursday and not the Tuesday, when he called.

What a joy it is to be a Mark Master Mason, Smile and be happy.

Worshipful Brother Duncan Smith P.G.S.D.

Communications Manager