Pudsey Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 658 Centenary Celebrations

Monday evening, 9 May 2016 and over 80 Brethren gathered together in Pudsey Masonic Hall to celebrate the 100th Birthday of Pudsey Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 658. This special celebratory evening was further enhanced with the presence of the Pro. Grand Master, Most Worshipful Brother Richard Victor Wallace and our Provincial Grand Master, Right Worshipful Brother James Steggles G.M.R.A.C. together with the Grand Director of Ceremonies Right Worshipful Brother Kessick Jones and many other distinguished guests including all our Past Rulers.

Pudsey Cent A

On entering the Lodge, the M.W. Pro Grand Master was given a ‘right rousing Yorkshire welcome’ the Brethren to which the Provincial Grand Master added that, on him taking the chair he would become an ‘Honorary Yorkshireman’, the M.W. Pro Grand Master cheerfully accepted and greeted the Brethren saying “Good Afternoon Brethren, Good Afternoon Pudsey.”

Pudsey Cent B

He then addressed the meeting updating us on the latest developments and news from Grand Lodge, and gave brief histories of the Province of West Yorkshire and Pudsey Lodge of MMM No. 658, and added it was the first time he could remember a Pro Grand Master presenting a Centenary Warrant, a rare privilege for him, which was heartily received the Brethren.

Pudsey Cent C

R.W. Bro Jones then read the Centenary Warrant to the Lodge, which the Pro Grand Master then presented to the Worshipful Master, W.Bro. David R. Wight. The Pro Grand Master and Provincial Grand Master then presented the Centenary Jewels to members of the Pudsey Lodge of MMM No.658.

Pudsey Cent D

The Provincial Grand Chaplain, Very Worshipful Brother Edward Patnick then presented an Oration which has become one of the highlights of Celebrations of this nature. This was no exception and he took his inspiration from the Lodge Banner where the All Seeing Eye is depicted looking down on the Keystone where the Hebrew characters are clearly defined. Research had identified that the three word sentence, when translated from Hebrew, read ‘from God Comes Three’.

Freemasonry has many Threes, notably; THE THREE GRAND PRICIPLES;

  1. Brotherly Love or Love thy Neighbour
  2. Relief or Charity
  3. Truth or a belief in a Supreme Being.

In reference to the Tracing Board he had also notice the Hebrew characters on the rungs relating to Jacobs Ladder who saw this in a dream when resting on Mount Moriah, which later became the permanent site for the Temples. The dream foretold the destruction of the First and Second Temple and the building of the Third and Final Temple, the Messiah, when the world was at peace. The dream was also of Angels climbing the ladder towards Heaven where, going up the rungs the Hebrew characters read, Faith, Hope and Charity.  Much to reflect upon.

Pudsey Cent E

The Festive Board was a splendid affair, the WM presenting gifts on the table of cufflinks and miniature bottles of gin a most ‘gin-erous’ gesture from the WM who incidentally is the Co-owner of Strathearn Distillery in Scotland where the Gin originated.

An excellent evening which will be long remembered all who attended, with the Pro Grand Masters comment to W.Bro. Wight “Not a Bad Year to be Worshipful Master.”