Prince Leopold Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 352

An excellent attendance at the Masonic Hall in Ripon for the advancement of Brother Peter James Dale, and an escorted visit the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Worshipful Brother Richard Boswell Puttrell with 23 visitors, including 13 members of the Provincial escort.

All assembled and raring to go, the strains of the opening ode rang out and the Brethren sang with gusto. That was until the dulcet melodies were interrupted that odious sound of a mobile telephone. All eyes scanned the room for the culprit, who had dared to let the side down, feverishly the Brother tried to turn it off, eventually succeeding much to his relief. A lesson learned, but you do feel a bit of a numpty when this happens and I have determined that it will never happen to ME again!


The opening formality concluded, upon a report the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, W.Bro. Richard Boswell Puttrell was admitted, flanked his Escort, and attention turned to the Candidate. His proposer was the Worshipful Master, Worshipful Brother Martin Bean who most assuredly led from the front, no notes or ritual book in sight, a polished performance throughout. In this he was very ably supported his Officers, notably the Senior Deacon, Brother Stephen Hall and the Secretary, Worshipful Brother John Gibbons with the Signs and Secrets word perfect. I also have to report that I was impressed the Chaplain throughout the proceedings, a man of impeccable bearing and manner, totally at ease with his duties, hardly surprising when I noted that he was W.Bro. Reverend Ken Crossley.


A very pleasant surprise under any business when, Worshipful Brother Paul Leach, an Elected Member of the Charity committee presented Worshipful Brother David Todd with a Patrons Charity Collaret in recognition of his support for Mark Masonic Charities. This, I think, will become a more regular event in Lodges as Brethren experience the journey through the West Yorkshire Mark Benevolent Fund festival 2023.


At the Festive Board which was thoroughly enjoyable, W.Bro Puttrell in responding to the Toast to the Province reminded Brethren that in the Province we have a Lodge that only meets once a year. It is, of course, the Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons, West Yorkshire whose ‘Worshipful Master’ is Right Worshipful Brother James Steggles and he encouraged all who could to attend the meeting on the2 April at Bradford Grammar School, it will be our turn to reciprocate. At this meeting W.Bro. Mark Kenyon and W.Bro. Michael Holmes will be promoted to Provincial Grand Senior Warden and Provincial Grand Junior Warden respectively, this being pointed out W.Bro. Puttrell as both were present.


Another superb Mark Masonic occasion, aren’t we lucky, enjoy.
W.Bro. Duncan Smith P.G.S.D.