Prince Edward Lodge of MMM No.14, Installation of Worshipful Brother Brian Viner

Thursday, May 19th, 2022  and a good attendance of Mark Master Masons met at the Masonic Hall, Bruntcliffe Road , Morley to witness the Installation of the latest Incumbent as Worshipful Master of this fine old Lodge.

The current W.M., Worshipful Brother Fraser McPherson opened the Lodge in due form, Salutations were given to V.W. Brethren, other Officers of Grand Lodge and a plethora of Provincial Grand Lodge Officers. Minutes of the previous Lodge meeting were approved, which time the light had truly dawned upon W.Bro. Fraser, see the photo herewith, who thanked all the Officers who had supported him during the past three years knowing fully well that they would show the same level of support to his successor. 

A report then brought forward Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies, Worshipful Brother Clive Hawkins who announced the Personal Representative of the Provincial Grand Master, Worshipful Brother Gary Parker was at the door of the Lodge, accompanied Worshipful Brother Keith Bradley, Elected member of the Charity Executive and they desired admission, This was duly despatched and both took their seats and received appropriate Salutations. At this juncture W.Bro. Fraser handed the reins to Worshipful Brother Richard Walker to act as Installing Master.

The Master Elect, Worshipful Brother Brian Viner was then presented Worshipful Brother Richard Middleton at which point the Brethren below the Rank of an Installed Master retired for a short while. Short it would be as W.Bro. Brian, already an Installed Master, repeated those parts of his obligation required, was presented with the Collar and jewel of his Office and placed in the Chair of Adoniram. He received the Gavel and was Saluted as Installed Master The Brethren were then re-admitted and W,Bro, Brian proclaimed Master for the ensuing year W.Bro. Richard then presented and explained the Working Tools, the Warrant of the Lodge, Constitutions and Regulations together with the Bye Laws of the Lodge and those of the Province of West Yorkshire. Finally W.Bro. Fraser transferred the Key Stone collarette explaining the significance of the detail together with the Grand Patron Diamond Award.

The Appointment and Investiture of the officers for the year were then swiftly delivered and the Address to the Master was in the hands of W,Bro. Gary, the first time that he has given it in his Mark Masonic career; those to the Overseers and Brethren W.Bro Fraser, neither of the Wardens present, they will be dealt with at a future meeting, The remaining business was then fulfilled and all retired for a very welcome Festive Board. 

Appetites sated, the Toast list processed professionally under the guidance of W.Bro. Fraser, the D.C. arriving at that to the Provincial Grand Lodge. W.Bro. Brian dealt with this important item himself reflecting upon his previous term in the Chair in 2004 and the fact that the Lodge is now 160 years old. He also touched upon the issues now facing Freemasonry, whilst there was much to do, the collective efforts of the Brethren should bring about a successful outcome.  

Responding, W.Bro. Gary agreed and drew attention to events up and coming, the 2023 Mark Benevolent Fund Festival celebrations. the Provincial Bike ride and the Hoe Down , all well publicised on the web set, be sure to place these in your diary. Looking forward, he referred to the changes to the Annual Meeting of Provincial Grand Lodge where the ceremony will take place at Bradford Grammar School but the Festive Board will be held at the Midland Hotel, transport ‘twixt the two venues will be provided.

The Toast to the Charities was given the new Charity Steward, Worshipful Brother Paul Smith, who stressed the fact that we are fortunate in having our own Charity, the Cleeves and Whitehead Trust. Excellent relationships  have been formed with the Craft, Choices section to mutual benefit. W.Bro. Keith  responding  agreed and made the point that the  C & W  had assisted our own Brethren with thirty nine thousand pounds of support in the last year. At the same time three Almoners Luncheons will be held this year, the first took place in April attended one hundred and sixty guests.

W.Bro. Fraser completed the evenings entertainment thanking all eighteen visitors for attending and trusted that it had met their expectations, which it had. This was followed Worshipful Brother Steven Spooner who told us that he had been instructed to keep it short. Not something that W.Bro Steven would find easy therefore I will stop here! W.Bro. Steven is to be promoted to Acting Grand Steward at the Communication on the 7th June, richly deserved, a very hard working, conscientious and well liked Mason.

A wonderful evening, thanks to all, and a testimony to the warm, fraternal brotherhood we share in Mark Masonry. 

The Magic of the Mark.

V.W. Bro. Duncan Smith, PGJO.