Pre-owned, pre-loved Grand Lodge Regalia

W. Bro. James (Jim) Gray of St. Chad Mark No 374 has volunteered to act as a broker for spare/wanted Grand Lodge regalia for brethren in the province.

Jim maintains a list of who has GL regalia to dispose of/sell and who is wanting to acquire/buy and will put the respective parties in touch with each other – in Jim’s words, a bit like Auto Trader.

All Jim needs is details of who has what.

    • Name of the seller and contact details (email and/or telephone)
    • A description of the Regalia with an assessment of condition ( Excellent/V Good/Good/Average/Fair)
    • If the seller wishes he can give an indication of the price he is looking for

If you are looking for Grand Lodge regalia, Jim may be able to fix it for you – and put you in touch with someone who could save you considerable expense.