Pontefract Lodge of Mark Master Masons No.878 Installation Meeting

Another celebration of Mark Masonry at Pontefract Masonic Hall on Thursday,24th March 2022. An early start, 5pm, but all assembled to witness Worshipful Brother Walter Skaife place his successor, Brother Andy Weston the current Dining Steward, in the Chair of Adoniram, do not think that he will be the Dining Steward any longer.

W.Bro Walter duly opened the Lodge, minutes of the previous meeting were confirmed and, there being no correspondence attention turned to the Appointment of two Auditors, no problem V.W.Bro. Ian Wolstencroft and W.Bro. Jim Garland, the present incumbents, were elected for another year. A report then brought forth the Deputy Provincial Director of Ceremonies, Worshipful Brother Mark Holland who announced that the Provincial Grand Junior Warden, Worshipful Brother Ian Truswell and Worshipful Brother Richard Stone, Elected Member of the Charity Executive were without and would like to join the fray, in they came, salutations given and they took their seats.

The Master Elect was presented V.W.Bro. Ian, at which point W.Bro Walter thanked all the assembled Officers for their support during his tenure, Brethren below the rank of Installed Master then retiring for a short while. W.Bro. Walter then obligated Bro. Andy, conveyed the Signs and Secrets appropriate to the position, Invested him with the Badge and Jewel of his office and placed him the Chair of the Lodge, all with clarity, presence and sincerity, a performance of quality. Brethren were then admitted, acknowledged the new incumbent and took their seats.

Finally W.Bro. Walter presented the Warrant of the Lodge, the Book of Constitutions of Grand and Provincial Grand Lodges and the Gavel. W,Bro. Paul Levey then explained and presented the Key Stone Collarette and the Grand Patron Diamond Award, superbly delivered. The officers for the ensuing year were then appointed and the Addresses were dealt with as follows;

Worshipful Master, ​​V.W.Bro. Ian Wolstencoft

Wardens​​​​ W.Bro. John Gray

Overseers​​​ ​W.Bro. Trevor brown

Brethren​​​​ W.Bro. Peter Higgins, all in fine form.

The remaining items on the order of business were then summarily despatched and the Lodge closed.

The Festive Board did not disappoint and was welcomed all. Toasts were speedily processed W.Bro John, that to the Province, short and sweet W.Bro. Peter. W.Bro ian then congratulated W.Bro. Andy commenting that the Ceremony had been delivered in an exemplary manner.​​

A reminder that the Annual Meeting of Provincial Grand Lodge will take place at Bradford Grammar School on Saturday, 23rd April, be there to support the Provincial Grand Master, Another date for your diaries, the Provincial Social committee is to hold a Hoe Down on Saturday 25thJune.  The venue is at Ringstone Hill Farm, Brierely near Barnsley. Weather permitting, a must. Finally the Festival celebrations are to take place on the weekend of the 30thJune and 1st July 2023, suggest that you make a note now.

W.Bro. Paul Levey, having received the mantle of Charity Steward, praised alll involved with the Trust for its commitment to others and its speed of response, emphasising that we are very fortunate to have a Provincial Charity. This was echoed W,Bro, Richard in his reply, seventy five thousand pounds having been distributed in the last twelve months to Brethren, dependents and external Charities.

Brother Ian Robertson congratulated the new Worshipful Master who has only just come out of the Chair in his Craft lodge so should be perfectly on the ball. Acknowledging the kind words W,Bro. Andy just asked that they all work together to ensure a happy and prosperous future for the Lodge.  

W.Bro. Peter then gave a simple Toast to the Visitors, the response to which was given Worshipful Brother Trevor Brown, well known raconteur and member of Gothic Mark Lodge No.1018. He thanked all the Brethren of Pontefract for the warmth of their welcome and for a wonderful Installation that they had ll witnessed, He then added a final comment that I remember to mention him, which I have!

It bears repeating, many thanks to Pontefract Lodge of MMM for  a most enjoyable evening truly in accord with the precepts of the Order , and they come first.

The Magic of the Mark at work.

V.W. Bro. Duncan Smith, PGJO.