PGM joins in with T@3

Tea at 3 o’clock  (T@3)


In these unusual times, it’s important that we maintain our links and think not just of those Brethren we are used to seeing or hearing from regularly, but also those we haven’t seen for some time.

A Mark initiative has been suggested that whenever possible, at 3 pm in the afternoon, Mark Masons throughout the world should take a cup of tea (or their favourite daytime beverage) and phone or email a friend or brother to check that they are OK. At the same time sparing a thought for all Mark Master Masons throughout the Constitution, trusting that they are safe and well.

The Pro Grand Master has committed to support this initiative and I have copied below extracts from his personal email, confirming he will take tea (and a biscuit or two) at 3pm. So, come on Brethren, let’s also give him our support.

Jim Steggles

Extracts from an email from the Pro Grand Master:

“What a wonderful idea and I will most certainly be joining in at 3pm today. I will tell Anne that it is compulsory that I am permitted a chocolate biscuit, currently they are rationed to just one with my mid morning coffee. 

I will also join in and use 15 minutes today and each day to make the phone calls suggested, sipping my tea between calls and if no one is looking dunking my biscuit! 

I hope this will spread rapidly among all our Mark Brethren and that it will not be long before all our Mark members are joining in.

A wonderful initiative. Perhaps it’s time to be buying shares in the Yorkshire Tea Company!  Every best wish, stay safe and keep well. RAY”

Pro Grand Master. GLMMM