Perimeter Perambulation Route and Joining Instructions

Perimeter Perambulation Route

Brethren, the Perimeter Perambulation starts on Sunday 12th May, this year. We aim to cover 18 to 20 miles each consecutive day for 12 days. We would love to have your company and support on this adventure. However, as footpaths don’t always take us in the right direction, some road walking is inevitable. We are also walking through towns and cities so as to visit Lodge buildings en-route. Below we detail each days walk. You are welcome to join us for the full day, the first 12 miles being at a reasonable pace and may involve road walking in places (own risk), or join us for a more leisurely walk along footpaths towards the end of the day (or even for the last mile). Don’t forget to arrange your transport back to where you start.

So get out your boots and come along, bring your partner, your friends and the dog!

If you would like to join us, please contact W.Bro Jason Cunningham with the interactive ‘Join Us’ form below, who has kindly offered to act as our central point. Please specify the day and the part you would like to walk. W.Bro Jason’s contact details are:, 07568 341928

So, the nitty gritty:

All times are approximate, depending on terrain and blisters!

Day 1 Sunday 12th May, Start at Whitley House DN14 0HZ         9.00

Canal path to Ferrybridge, then road to Pontefract MH 12.00

Roads to Castleford MH 1.30

Over the Milenium Bridge, on to the tow path to Allerton Bywater

Join us at the start of “the Lanes”, Allerton Bywater, Castleford  2.20

The “Lanes” a disused (hopefully) railway track to Garforth 5 miles

Day 2 Monday 13th May Start at North Garforth Main St/A642         9.00

Footpath to Barwick in Elmet 10.00

B road to Kiddal Lane End 11.00

Footpaths/B road to WetherMH 13.40

Join us Disused railway to Spofforth, and/or 3 miles

Join us Footpaths to Knaresborough MH 5 miles

Day 3 Tuesday 14th May Start at Knaresborough MH 9.00

Road to Lingerfield, Footpath via Brearton, Burton Leonard, 

Bishop Monkton to Ripon MH 13.00

Join us Ripon MH, footpaths to Sawley 6 miles

Day 4 Wednesday 15th Sawley B6165/Jn B6451 9.00

Via Summerbridge to Thruscroft Resevoir  13.30

Join us car park near the dam (Grid ref 155573)

Footpaths to Addingham 8 miles

Day 5 Thursday 16th Addingham  Start at Crown Inn 9.00

Mainly footpaths to Jenny Gill (Grid ref 404510) 11.00

Carlton in Craven footpaths& B road 12.00

Join us footpaths to Elslack 3 miles

Join us footpath/road via Thorton in Craven to Barnoldswick MH 3 miles

14.15 to 14.30

Footpaths/B roads to Kelbrook 15.30 to 16.00

Day 6 Friday 17th Kelbrook, next to Craven Heifer Inn 9.00

Footpaths to Langshaw Bridge         10.30

Footpaths to Thursden via Bronte Way 12.30

Join us B road.footpaths, Pennine Way to Eastwood MH         9 miles

Day 7 Saturday 18th Eastwood MH (Bottoms)         9.00

Pennine Way to Car Park near M62 crossing (983142 12.30

Join us Pennine Way, Pennine Bridleway to Uppermill MH 7 miles/ 14.30

Tame Valley Way/roads to Greenfield 3.30

Day 8 Sunday 19th Greenfield near to The Clarence  9.00

Oldham Way/Chew Road/Pennine Way footpaths to Crowden 11.30

car park (073994), Short stretch of A628,TPT footpath to North of

car park (113997) (for the Three Black Cloughs) 12.30

Join us Park at this car park, (next to the entrance of the disused 12.30

Woodhead tunnels). Following the TPT onto the Longdendale Trail.

Footpaths along the Barnsley Boundary Walk, Swinden Lane, to 

Langsett car park. 7 miles/3.30

Day 9 Monday 20th Langsett car park 9.00

B road, Gill Royd, Lane Mortimer Road, Low Bradfield 11.00

Join us Low Bradfield car park 11.00

B roads & footpaths to Dungworth, to Tapton MH 7 miles/2.30

Tapton MH via Park Square and Shefield and Tinsley Canal

To Meadowhall Station 16.30

Day 10 Tuesday 21st Meadowhall Station 9.00

Trans Pennine Trail to Rotherham MH 10.00

Road (some footpaths) via Whimney Hill, Ravenfield to 

Connisborough Station/River Don  13.00

Join us Connisborough Station, canal footpath along the 13.30

Trans Pennine Trail to Doncster MH. 6 miles/4.00

Day 11 Wednesday 22nd Doncaster MH 9.00

Canal paths to BarnDunn 11.00

B road to South Bramwith

Join us South Bramwith, Low Lane/Bramwith Lane junction 12.00

Canal path via Stainforth to Thorne MH 6 miles/14.00

B road, Thorne MH to Rawcliffe Bridge, Black Horse Hotel 7 miles/16.30

Day 12 Thursday 23rd Rawcliffe Bridge, Black Horse Hotel 9.00

Canal Path to Goole MH 10.30

Return to Rawcliffe Bridge canal path 12.00

Join us at Rawcliffe Bridge Black Horse, and along the canal path

to our finish at Whitley 10 miles/15.30

It will be good to have your company and support for our adventure.

Friday 24th, I won’t be moving until Monday!