Peace Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No 681. Installation of W.Bro David Leach and an Elevation to boot.

A goodly number turned out  on Friday 21st January. at the Port of Uppermill to witness the Worshipful Commander of the good ship Peace. Worshipful Brother. Trevor Kinvig. hand over the helm to W. David Leach, an experienced Mason and a most competent ritualist. The Crew all assembled on the main Deck, W.Bro. Trevor opened proceedings in due form, minutes of the last Meeting read and confirmed whereupon Worshipful Brother Richard Puttrell, Past. Dep. P.G.M.,representative of the Provincial Grand Master,  was warmly welcomed.

A short form Ceremony took place, W.Bro. David being presented Worshipful Brother Michael Jessop; an Assembly of Installed Commanders was opened, all below that rank excused for the time being. The new Skipper was duly obligated and Invested with the Collar and Jewel of his Office. The Keystone Collarette was presented and explained in fine style W.Bro. Bev Heywood and the Address to the Worshipful Commander equally professionally despatched W.Bro. Andrew Daly. Officers of the Year were then appointed and Invested, Examiners elected and confirmed and the Assembly closed, all Brethren returning to the Lodge.

A ballot took place for Brother Vincent Harry Wadsworth,  a Member of Beaumont Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 1523, a mere thirty six years old, did I not feel my age!, this proved positive and Bro. Vincent was duly admitted and the Ceremony of Elevation took place. Having been obligated W.Bro. David, Bro. Vincent then enjoyed, amongst other aspects, the presentation and explanation of the Signs and Secrets W.Bro. Daly,  Apron and Jewel W.Bro. Spooner, Working Tools and Lodge perambulation the W.C. and the Nine steps Worshipful Brother Barry Smethhurst, all in very good order; Bro. Vincent was then welcomed into the Lodge. A special event followed that being the presentation of a Royal Ark Mariner Certificate to Brother Marcus Greenwood. This was in the very safe hands of W.Bro. Richard who pointed out the salient features to Bro. Marcus, something that I am sure he will remember for many years to come. The remaining business was then completed and the Lodge closed accordingly. 

A sumptuous Festive Board, the soup  is a meal on its own, followed highlighted the quality of the fare and the level of laughter,  much of it due to Worshipful Brother Martin Roche, in superb form. The Toast were all proffered in good style, W.Bro. Richard responding to the Provincial Toast and pleading with the Brethren to come forward with ideas to swell the Festival Coffers, it is not too far away Brethren, thinking caps on please.

The W.C. David, and his predecessor, Trevor then exchanged Toasts one to the other with that to the Candidate given his Proposer, W.Bro. Steven. It turns out that they hijacked Bro. Vincent after hearing him talk about the Fraternity, W.Bro. Bev stepping eagerly forward to snare his quarry. Bro. Vincent had thoroughly enjoyed the Ceremony and looked forward to a long and happy association with the Lodge. Finally the Toast to the Visitors given Bro. Stuart Burrows in brief style due to the passage of time and responded to in like vein W.Bro. John Madigan. A wonderful evening when we all knew what we had been missing, crowned a  steady walk down the gang way and passage to our various home Ports. 

Smile, Be happy, you are all Royal Ark Mariner Masons