Old Bankers never die, they just lose interest or so the saying goes.

Most certainly that did not apply at the Installation, Wednesday 7th November, at Blenheim House, Batley,, of Worshipful Brother John Edward Ryder Davies.  A retired Banker, aged eighty nine years and determined to have very good year as the Worshipful Master of the James Bramley Morley Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 1905.

The Lodge was opened the Worshipful Master, Worshipful Brother, Rev. Michael Taylor who, despite his constraints, had attended all the meetings bar one and was delighted to be Installing his successor. Before proceeding , however, he had to take a report which  brought forward the Prov.A.G.D.C. Worshipful Brother Craig Kidd who  announced that the Provincial Grand Junior Warden, Worshipful Brother Alex Geddes was without, not for long, and he processed into the Lodge accompanied Worshipful Brother Chris Oldfield , Elected Member of the Charity Committee.

The Master Elect was then presented his proposer, W.Bro.Gerald Wilde  whereupon W.Bro.Michael thanked all the Officers for their help and support throughout the year and hoped that they had enjoyed it as much as him and then obligated Bro.John before passing the reins to W.Bro.Jim Stanley  who despatched the Signs and secrets. W.Bro John as he now was, then took the Chair being placed there W.Bro. Michael, a sincere and moving ceremony  appreciated all present. The Working Tools were then presented and explained Worshipful Brother Stephen Wood , word perfect which also applied to the Addresses, taken the following;

Worshipful Master W.Bro. Stephen Wood,

Wardens V.W.Bro. John Morgan.

Overseers W.Bro. Paul Cooke and last but no means least

Brethren W.Bro. Alex Geddes, Prov.G.J.W.

A surprise followed with Worshipful Brother Stephen Spooner, President of the Huddersfield, Halifax and Districts Installed Masters association presenting a new set of Overseers Stones to the Lodge. W.Bro.Stephen is a stone mason and that was evident from the masterly skill displayed in his work for which he was gratefully thanked the W.M. 

All adjourned to the Festive Board, very gratefully received and eagerly devoured. The Toast to the Province was then submitted newly appointed Senior Warden, Brother Martin Wallace firmly stating ‘where would be without them’, good point as only two of the original Founders were not Provincial Officers at that time, but have since received preferment; the Lodge is now awash with them’ said Bro. Martin. Responding, W,Bro,Alex emphasised the need for all Brethren to remember the fundamentals, respect for one another and displaying Brother Love ,relief and Truth in the outside world to ‘Make Better Men of Men’. He also reminded the Brethren that those who are able should endeavour to perform Ritual without books in evidence. However, there are some who, for medical or other valid reasons, cannot comply and it is they who should receive assistance from other Brethren to ensure their participation, we are an inclusive organisation. Lastly, a note for your diaries,  Saturday, April 13th, 2019 is the Provincial Grand Lodge meeting at Bradford Grammar School. All Worshipful Masters should attend, if possible with their Wardens and  some Brethren.

The Charities Toast was delivered Worshipful Brother David Howe who stressed that time is as important as money and, from an Almoners perspective that is true as a visit to see someone is often, far more regarded than the bottle you deliver, a number of our Brethren are very lonely. W.Bro.Chris in response assured the Brethren that the Cleeves and Whitehead Trust continues to meet its obligations and to this end, forty one thousand pounds was spent in the last year. All should consider their regular contribution standing order, it is the most efficient. Those already doing so  may like to reflect upon whether their current offering has kept pace with inflation over the years. 

Smile , be happy and enjoy your Mark Masonry

Worshipful Brother Duncan Smith P.G.S.D.

Communications Manager