New Lecture Available to all Mark and RAM Lodges

New Lecture Available to All Mark and R.A.M. Lodge in the Province

It simply has the title 8 Minutes!

The concept of the lecture came about whilst a well known Brother, and paramedic, was sitting in his Lodge Rooms observing his Brethren and started to think “what if?”

What if a brother were to collapse?
What if a brother was to have a heart attack?
What if a brother were to faint?

… it could take up to 8 minutes for an ambulance or help to arrive.


The Brother concerned, a registered health care professional is offering to give a short talk and demonstration showing exactly what needs to be done in those first important 8 minutes. His talk will include:

  • How to do effective CPR
  • How to call an ambulance and the correct information required
  • The do’s and don’ts, and to expel any myths around first aid and answer any questions


This lecture is available and can be booked through the Provincial Website in the normal manner from the Secretariat/Lectures page