Mark Masonry sparkles at Dartmouth Lodge of M.M.M. No.545 at Slawit

The sun shone and looking down from the surrounding hills at the splendour of the Colne valley, we were privileged to attend the Installation of Brother Manjit Singh as Worshipful Master of Dartmouth Lodge of M.M.M. no.545; the responsibility for which lay firmly in the hands of the current W.M. Worshipful Brother Ken Wootton.

W.Bro Ken dealt with the opening procedures at which point, upon a report, the Assistant Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, Worshipful Brother Craig Kidd was admitted and advised that the Provincial Grand Senior Warden, Worshipful Brother Mark Holland, accompanied the Elected Member of the Charity Committee, Worshipful Brother Alan Corbridge, requested admission which was accordingly done. Bro. Manjit was presented the D.C. Worshipful Brother John Madigan, the necessary questions posed W.Bro. Ken, those below the rank of W.M. having left the Temple, Worshipful Brother Manjit Singh was then obligated, Invested and Installed in the Chair of the Lodge in style, W.Bro.Ken can be very proud of  a task undertaken in excellent form. The Working Tools were then presented and explained the Junior Warden, W.Bro. David Mann, the Keystone collaret explained W.Bro. Madigan.

The Appointment and Investiture of the Officers for the year then followed, only surprise that of Tyler, Worshipful Brother Alan Hines, banished from the Lodge for twelve months, would have thought that they needed him inside!! The addresses were then presented as follows;

Worshipful Master  W,Bro Trevor Kinvig,

Wardens  W.Bro.Alan Ball,

Overseers W.Bro. David Mann and

Brethren W.Bro. Mark Holland, this meeting was his debut in the Role and he acquitted himself admirably.

W.Bro. Alan Morson had the honour of presenting the Past Masters Jewel to W.Bro.Ken, emphasising the quality of his leadership during the year where a candidate was admitted. To the delight of all, the W,M. then proposed a new candidate, great news for the Lodge. This was followed W.Bro. Mark Kenyon, Elected Member of the Charity Committee with responsibility for the Lodge, taking the floor. This, we learned, was to present Grand Patron Collarets to W.Bro.John Madigan and W.Bro.Ken Wootton, excellent news, onward and upward to Gold Award; a perfect way to round off a most enjoyable and professional  meeting. There was , however , a most amusing conclusion as, during the Retiring procession the J.W. W.Bro. David missed his cue and they had to do another circuit to great laughter, This was immediately  christened  Manjits magic roundabout.

No surprise at the Festive Board, superb fare, tables cleared it was left to W.Bro. Alan Knott to propose the toast to the Province which he did eloquently saying that the Provincial Officers were key to the health and prosperity of the Lodges and , thereby, the Province. Their standards lead the way and, for those in Dartmouth, they are fortunate to have many who fit the bill. W.Bro. Mark in response, congratulated W.Bro Manjit upon the honour bestowed upon him and, also, all who had taken part in an excellent ceremony. He particularly acknowledged the warmth of the welcome and stressed that visiting was the life blood of the Mark degree, in this respect he enjoined the W,M, to visit , not just in his own Installed Masters Association, but wider around the Province, if possible with his Wardens and some Brethren, they would enjoy the experience;. Help is available via both the Year Book and the Provincial Web site.  Dates for your diaries as follows;

Musical evenings at Pontefract Masonic Hall with W. Bro. John Whitworth, 27th Oct. and 3thNov.

Almoners Luncheon, Tapton Hall, Monday 5th November,

Gala Ball, Bankfield Hotel Shipley, Saturday, 1st December 2018

Annual Carol Service that will again be held at Brighouse Methodist Church on Sunday, 9th December.

Almoners Luncheon, Cedar Court Monday 1st April 2019,

Last, but not least, 13th April 2019, Provincial Grand Lodge Meeting at Bradford.

W.Bro. Alan Hines eloquently proposed the Toast to the Charities which was equally professionally acknowledged W.Bro.Alan Corbridge. He reminded all present that we are fortunate in enjoying our own Charity which remains well provided to undertake its responsibilities. He stressed that Brethren should only give what they can afford and provided a pamphlet confirming the criteria for Charity Honorifics,, available no doubt from the MBF web site.

Another joyful Mark Masonic occasion. I keep saying it but we are lucky!!

Worshipful Brother Duncan Smith P.G.S.D.

Communications Manager