The Cleeves and Whitehead Trust

The Cleeves and Whitehead Trust, named after two former West Yorkshire Provincial Grand Masters, is the charitable arm of the West Yorkshire Province of Mark Master Masons. The objectives of the charity are:

•The relief of past and present Mark Master Masons of West Yorkshire, and their relatives and dependents who are in need, hardship or distress.

•To support such charities, charitable institutional and charitable purposes as the Trustees see fit.

The Charity was reformed in 2005 following the merger of the Trust and the West Yorkshire Mark Benevolent fund, a “Merger Scheme”, for full details click here, approved the Charity Commission under powers given in the Charities Act 1993, and specifically provides relief to brethren within our own Province. The Fund prides itself on the speed with which relief is given – in many cases within 24 hours – and it is held in high regard brethren of the Order for the excellent work it does. It relies on the generosity of Mark Masons in West Yorkshire for its funding.

The Province of West Yorkshire is particularly proud of the services of a Provincial Almoner and Welfare Officers whose expertise and dedication are invaluable in the care of Mark dependants. Working in close harmony with members of the Charity Committee, they maintain contact with brethren and widows on a regular basis. Almoners’ Lunches are held bi annually, April and October at Tapton Hall , Sheffield and Cedar Court, Huddersfield. for Mark Brethren, widows and dependants; an annual holiday is also provided.

At present those closely involved with the Charity function and administration are;

Trustees; Chairman Bro. Geoff Kendall,Vice Chairman Bro. Jim Stanley, Bro.Philip Drury, Bro. Anthony Brailsford, Bro. John Clough, Bro. David Hymas, Bro. Alan Pendleton, and Bro.Rodney Tolson.

Elected members of the Charity Committee, aka ‘The Magnificent Seven’; Bro.Alan Corbridge, Bro.Chris Oldfield, Bro. Mark Kenyon, Bro. Paul Levey, Bro. Alex Geddes, Bro. Richard Stone and Bro. Keith Bradley.

Officers of the Trust; Secretary , Bro. James Reynolds Treasurer, Bro. Philip Oldfield, and not forgetting; Provincial Almoner, Bro. Paul Leach and Assistant Provincial Almoner, Bro Alex Steele.

To read the Annual Report from the trust please click here
To view the Annual Report and Unaudited Financial Statements for the Year ended 31st august 2019, click here

Future Plans.
The Cleeves and Whitehead trust will be sponsoring an Almoners Lunch at Tapton Hall , Sheffield on Monday, 1st November.

How to Contribute to the Cleeves and Whitehead Trust.
Individual members of Mark Lodges are encouraged to contribute to the Trust; each Mark Lodge has a Charity Representative who can provide details of ways to help us, including regular giving through Gift Aid and also information on how to leave a legacy to the Trust.
Online via the Total Giving site ; the following are recomended

“” takes you to the general giving portal

“” currently lands on the bike ride section of the Provincial website

Regular giving Standing Order Mandates and Gift Aid forms are available from your Lodge Charity steward

Seeking Help From The Trust.
Anyone seeking help from the Trust should first speak to their lodge Almoner, who will be able to assess the immediate need and invoke the most appropriate response from the Trust.