Mark Charities help out in time of need

The Forget me not Children’s Hospice in Huddersfield has received grants from Mark and Craft charities on previous occasions, more recently for a Perinatal Unit and as part of the Lifelites Project. But when one of its two main boilers catastrophically failed recently, it was left with the remaining boiler diverted to heat the children’s rooms and a very significant replacement cost estimate to replace both boilers and bring the heating system up to current standards.

The Cleeves and Whitehead Trust stepped in immediately with a grant of £7,500, followed a grant from the Mark Benevolent Fund of £10,000, which, together with donations from other local charities, will help significantly towards the replacement costs.

The motto of the Mark Benevolent Fund is ‘Bis dat qui cito dat’ (He gives twice who gives promptly) and both Mark Charities are proud of their reputation of acting speedily in times of need.

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