Mark Benevolent Fund Awards Grant to Bloodrun EVS Charity


Yesterday, the Mark Benevolent Fund Worthy Causes Committee made a grant of £13,400 to the Bloodrun EVS charity, serving Cleveland and North Yorkshire, to fund a fully equipped blood bike.

This grant, although small, has already generated a huge amount of interest in the north of England.

Bloodrun EVS 1

Those from the North East may recall a bike rider called Martin Dixon, from Billingham, who was a volunteer for the Bloodrun EVS charity.

Sadly Martin died in a road traffic accident during a tour of duty back in November.

His son, Martin Dixon Jnr, submitted an application to the Mark Benevolent Fund for help with funding for a new Blood Bike.

The Trustees of the Mark Benevolent Fund were most impressed with the submission and consequently made the award.

Darren Colemen, the Charities and Communications Coordinator, spoke to Martin yesterday and commented that he was lost for words. It is good to know that such a small amount can make such a great difference to so many people.

Find out more about the charity here:

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