Mark Benevolent Fund Announce Major Grant

In 2018 the Mark Benevolent Fund will mark 150 years of assisting our Brethren in distress; and because of your generosity it has in more recent times assisted many worthy causes.  To mark the sesquicentenary of the Fund, the Trustees have approved a major grant to a wonderful charity that provides vehicles for a mobile chemotherapy service serving, in particular, rural areas.

At Mark Grand Lodge on 11th March a presentation was given the cancer charity, Hope for Tomorrow.  The charity was founded in 2003 after Christine Mills, MBE, lost her husband to cancer. One of the stresses suffered was that of travelling, and the idea of a mobile chemotherapy unit was born. The units are built, owned and maintained the Hope for Tomorrow charity but are operated the local NHS Trust who provide the nursing staff, drivers, insurance and fuel.

The Trustees have approved the funding for up to ten new vehicles over the next five years which will be used in various parts of England and Wales.  The first of these will be presented to the charity in the area of the Province of Lincolnshire in May 2014.

A copy of the presentation and hand-out used at Mark Grand Lodge is available on the  Mark Charities > The Mark Benevolent Fund web-page.