Lodge of truth No. 137 welcomes the Deputy Provincial Grand Master

Thursday, the 20th October and the Deputy Provincial Grand master, Worshipful Brother Richard Boswell Puttrell led an Escorted visit, comprising 23 Provincial Grand Lodge Officers, this being augmented other guests, a right good turnout at Greenhead Masonic Hall.


The opening formalities competently despatched the Worshipful Master, Worshipful Brother Thomas (Tom) Jenkins a ballot was taken. This was for Brother Trevor Sheldon but, whilst this proved positive, an Advancement was denied as he was unable to be present because of work commitments, hope fully it will take place at the next meeting.2016-10-20-08-27-22

A report was then acknowledged and the Deputy Provincial Grand Master was admitted with his escort and they took their respective places in the Lodge. Fortunately a suitable volunteer, Brother David Thwaite, a Member of the Lodge of Eland No.493, was on hand, he also being Provincial Grand Senior Deacon and part o the Escort. An enactment then proceeded, this was a Past Masters affair and it showed that they had all done it before. W. Bro. Tom took the lead, authoritative throughout being very ably assisted his Officers, no more than Worshipful Brother Walter Pell. The latter dealt with three pieces of Ritual, culminating in the Conclusion, all to perfection, an example to all.

Matters then reverted to the Agenda where the Senior warden, Brother Philip Dunn was declared master elect and Worshipful Brother Richard Brooke declared Treasurer, very trusting of the Brethren A note for all in the Huddersfield, Halifax and Districts I.M.A., the Installation is on Thursday 17th November, join them and have a good night out, this is Mark Master Masonry, all the nights are good!!..


The Festive Board was well received, the catering at Greenhead Masonic Hall being of its usual high standard. Worshipful Brother George Foster eloquently proposed the toast to the Province, to which W. Bro. Puttrell responded. He reminded all that the Escorted visits had been established not only to ensure that the Provincial Officers of the year then acquainted themselves with one another but also to give visibility throughout the Province and spread the word. The occur roughly every 6 years, the last one at Truth Lodge of Mark master mason No.137 being in March 2009 when, coincidentally W. Bro Tom was also in the Chair, where will he be in 2023 I ask myself. Finally a further reminder for your diaries, some like me will already have their2017 version. April 22nd Saturday, Bradford Grammar School, the Annual Meeting of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons for the Province of West Yorkshire, why not put it in now, then no chance of the Wife booking a holiday on that day!!



Enjoy your Mark masonry, smile; be happy, it takes less energy than being miserable.

W.Bro. Duncan Smith P.G.S.D.