Lodge of Eland, a demonstration of Mark Masonry at it’s best

Truly a superb meeting on Tuesday, 25th April at the Masonic Hall, West Vale to witness the advancement of Brother Robert Lee Wilson, a Past Master of the Halez-Fax Lodge No. 4135, proposed Brother John Glenton; Seconder, Worshipful Brother Andrew Brown, our Deputy Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies and that is the second successive report he has been mentioned!

Events were in the very safe hands of the Worshipful Master, Worshipful Brother Stephen Bray and the Lodge was opened in due form in the presence of the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Worshipful Brother Dr. Rod Taylor and Past Provincial Grand Master, Right Worshipful Brother Brian Batty, more of both later, together with other distinguished Brethren, notably Very Worshipful Brother Derek Cope.


A ballot was taken successfully, not just for Bro. Wilson but also Brother Ian Shaw-Peters, great news for Eland Lodge, two new members on the trot. The Ceremony that followed was superbly led and delivered W. Bro. Stephen, virtually no ritual books in sight but the odd prompt W. Bro. Rod sat to his right, the Provincial Grand Master would have been delighted as he wishes to see less use of the Books in the future. W. Bro. Stephen had set the tone and was very ably supported the Senior Deacon, Worshipful Brother Antony Greenwood, Worshipful Brother Jim Wilson with the signs and secrets, yes requiring the occasional prompt but haven’t we all, and concluded W. Bro. Stephen. The remaining agenda items were then covered but with an announcement R. W. Bro. Brian that it was his Birthday and he invited all present to have the first drink at the bar at his expense, all applauded and subsequently took him up on his offer. In the risings, R. W. Bro. Brian responded on behalf of the Master of the Lord Swansea Lodge No.1872, to which W. Bro. Stephen said ‘Thank you Birthday Boy’. That summed up the evening, a wonderfully warm, relaxed atmosphere where all involved had been determined to put on a good show and demonstrably succeeded,


No change at the Festive Board where in response to the toast to the Province, W. Bro. Dr. Rod Taylor kept it short, welcomed Brother Wilson and provided him with a copy of the Year Book saying, ‘Many happy years with this lot here’.  Bro. Jack Glenton then proposed the Toast to his candidate, Bro. Robert born in 1962, in the present climate a very young Mark Master Mason, who he was confident would prove to be a worthy member of the Lodge. Responding, Bro. Robert commented upon the warmth of the welcome ha had received and looked forward to many happy years in the Lodge.


The responder to the visitors Toast was in the hands of Worshipful Brother Peter Docherty who, whilst acknowledging the superb ceremony and evening that had been enjoyed all, set off with something completely different. W. Bro. Peter shares a passion with myself and a number of West Yorkshire Mark Master Masons, accordingly his first comment was to confirm that having won at Wolverhampton, Huddersfield Town Football Club were in the Championship Play Offs, loud cheers or was it jeers, no matter a good laugh any way.


A meeting all who were present will remember for a long time and a superb advert for Mark Master Masonry.

Smile, continue to be happy and enjoy!!

Worshipful Brother Duncan Smith P.G.S.D.

Communications Manager