Locked Down England

Oh, to be in England,
Now that lockdown’s here.
No social stuff on Friday night,
The pubs can’t sell you beer.

No little walks just hand in hand,
No clubbing with your mate.
No socialising at the club,
No dining tête-à-tête.

Don’t matter if you’re scruffy,
Or if you dress as ‘toff’.
No chatting to your neighbour,
Unless you’re 6 feet off.

The days, they pass in solitude,
The year is rolling on,
Week week, the months go by,
With near eleven gone,

But soon we hope the mood will change,
This cloud will pass away,
The sun will start to bless us,
As we go to work and play.

And talk again and socialise,
And pop out for a meal,
And get to do those other things,
That makes our world so real,

But don’t forget there’s others,
Who cannot do these things,
For many, many reasons,
Some factor clips their wings.

So, spare a thought when times come good,
And lockdown’s lost its touch,
And think of all the people,
Who’s lives won’t change that much.