Leicestershire and Rutland Take Over West Yorkshire!!

The peace last Saturday afternoon in Cleckheaton, which is normally quiet among the stone terraced houses that surround the Masonic Hall, was shattered very briefly the arrival of members of The Joey Dunlop Lodge of MMM No. 1881, who, as can be expected, arrived on some very high motorcycles. Not all came on two wheels but they came from all parts of England. Leathers were replaced black and stripes and when I arrived the talk over coffee and biscuits was of the latest BMW Cruiser and the next fund raising bike run the Brethren of No. 1881.

A “scratch” team had just been run through their paces in a rehearsal W.Bro. Bob Corfield, who said – “they come from all over the country but the talent is awesome”. Two candidates were Advanced in a seamless ceremony followed a Festive Board which was up to the usual standard for Cleckheaton.

I left on 4 wheels leaving behind a biker group, who were staying at a local hotel, to enjoy the rest of the evening. The Mark Province of Leicestershire and Rutland took over the Lodge for a short time but I do think our Province was the richer for it.

We wish you well in your fund raising endeavours.

Ride safely and Mark Well

John Clough
Asst PGM
23rd May 2011