Kilimanjaro conquered W.Bro. Steven Spooner Prov.G.M.O.

YES – ‘Spoons’ – Worshipful Brother Steven Spooner has done it!!!

Hands up all those who have been to the roof of Africa? No, I don’t mean the local take away. I mean the highest free-standing mountain in the world, standing at 5,850 metres, or 19,341 feet in old money.

Kilimanjaro Conquered

As can be seen in the photograph W. Bro. Steven, what a Star, is seen holding a West Yorkshire MBF Festival Banner, I would have thought he could have dressed for the event!! This was after having scaled the heights of Mount Kilimanjaro, located in Tanzania. Passing through, moorland, alpine forest, ice and snow with the ever present risk of Alpine sickness, this was an arduous journey. Due to acclimatisation, it took four or 5 days to reach the peak but apparently only a day or two to come down, this a more direct route. Accordingly, he should be on his way home shortly.

If you have not already donated, or wish to increase that amount given, download the sponsorship form for you to send in with your cheque. A fantastic feat and one of which he can be truly proud; and Mark Master Masons of the Province of West Yorkshire truly thankful for he will have raised a phenomenal amount of money for the West Yorkshire Mark Benevolent Fund Festival.

Steven is a Past Master of Brighouse Mark Lodge No 753 and Peace Mark Lodge No 681. He is also currently our Provincial Grand Master Overseer.


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