Integrity Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 110   bask in the splendour of their new Banner. 

At last, having been a casualty of the Covid Pandemic, the day of the Banner Dedication had arrived, Thursday, the 31st March 2022 and the Lodge were delighted to see a pleasing attendance.

The Lodge was opened in due form the Worshipful Master, Worshipful Brother Mark Harrison when the first item was to record the sad resignation of the Senior Warden, Brother Paul Titman. for personal reasons.  No further detail was required and none asked but we do express the hope that matters are resolved and he returns to the Integrity fold in the future. Minutes of the last Meeting were approved, signed, and apologies noted. Item 3 on the Lodge business was to Elect a new Worshipful Master for the next year and there being no call for a ballot, W.Bro. Mark Harrison was elected to continue. This was followed the Election of the Treasurer and there being no call for a ballot, V.W.Bro. Duncan Smith was elected for another year.

Formalities concluded there was a report which brought forward the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, Worshipful Brother Andrew Brown. who advised that the Provincial Grand Master, Right Worshipful Brother James Steggles G.M.R.A.C. was without and demanded admission.. No more ado, an Escort was formed and he entered together with Past Provincial Grand Masters, Right Worshipful Brothers, Brian Morris Batty and James Bennett Truswell, Past Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Very Worshipful Brother Trevor Bolton, other Grand Lodge Officers and an Escort of Provincial Grand Lodge Officers. W.Bro. Mark greeted R.W.Bro. Jim and offered the Gavel which was accepted as there was work to do. The Provincial Officers then took their allocated places in the Temple.

R.W.Bro. Jim then addressed the assembled Brethren explaining the nature of the Meeting. He then invited the Master to retire from the Lodge with his Wardens and other Officers. The new Banner having been prepared, W.Bro. Andrew then re-entered the Lodge and advised  that W.Bro Mark, his Wardens, Escort and Banner sought readmission which was granted. When they were duly formed,  W.Bro Mark requested that R.W.Bro. Jim receive the Banner and cause it to be dedicated which he received with pleasure and duly unveiled. 

Prayers were then offered the Provincial Grand Chaplain, Worshipful Brother Roger Quick who then delivered the following Oration in his own, unique style, a delight to witness. Please click here to view, well worth the read

The Banner was then paraded around the Lodge, placed upon the Masters Pedestal and W.Bro Roger gave the Prayer of Dedication; following which R.W.Jim formally presented the Banner to the Lodge which was acknowledged W.Bro Mark.  The Dedication Hymn was then sung with gusto,  and the Patriarchal Benediction given W. Bro Roger.  Before vacating his post, however, R.W.Bro. Jim had another duty to perform which came as a surprise to the Membership. A very kind thought, for when it became clear to him that Integrity Lodge could not celebrate its Sesquicentenary until 2035, some fifteen years later than anticipated, he procured that a Certificate celebrating it being in existence for 150 years be presented and this, W.Bro. Mark dutifully received. 

The Officers of the Lodge returned to their stations. and the business of the Lodge resumed with a most pleasant duty for the P.G.M., the presentation of Grand Lodge Certificates to Brother Ian Gilling and Brother Lee Foster, something I think they will remember for a long time. V.W.Bro. Duncan Smith then delivered a comprehensive Almoners Report and a collection for Alms was taken. A Proposition for a new member, Brother Martin Milner, was then received which should give rise to three advancements next term. The Provincial Grand Master and his Escort then retired to warm acclamation and the Lodge was close. 

The Festive Board was line with the normal fare seen at Wakefield,  Pea and Ham soup. Steak Pie or Chicken Breast followed Treacle sponge and cheese and biscuits, well received and faithfully applied.. The Toast to R.W.Bro. Jim was supplied the W.M,  W.Bro Mark, who thanked him for all his work during the evening, the Certificate of 150 years in existence and presentation of Grand Lodge Certificates. Responding, R.W.Bro Jim, thanked all for a very successful evening, particularly his being able to recognise the time the Lodge has endured. Interestingly in 1870 the Sioux were fighting the Cavalry and Charles Dickens wrote his last book. He expressed the hope that the Lodge be as successful in the next 150 years as in the Past.

The Toast to W.Bro. Mark, Worshipful Master was in the hands of V.W.Bro. Tony Parker who thanked him for all his hard work in the past year and his commitment for the coming period. W.Bro. Mark thanked him for his kind words and assured him, and the Lodge, that he is looking forward to the responsibility.  W.Bro. Trevor Brearley, Junior Warden then warmly thanked all the visitors, particularly the Provincial Escort, an attendance that was a delight to welcome. He expressed the hope that they would return because, their presence, they were now woven into the fabric of the Lodge. 

The response was given the Provincial Grand Senior Warden, Worshipful Brother Andrew Johnson who began thanking the Lodge for the warmth of their welcome and W.Bro. Mark in conducting a very successful meeting. He made particular reference to the work done R.W.Bro. Jim,  W.Bro. Roger for the Oration and his playing of the Organ; also a thank you to W.Bro.Andy and his D.C. Team; that had more to do with the fact that both Asst.D.C’s gave him a gentle kick, at least I think that it was gentle, as he stood up, a reminder to mention them, which he just did! In summary a wonderful Festive Board,  good company, sparkling atmosphere, he felt that they would most certainly return.

The Magic of the Mark is getting everywhere, get out and visit when you feel safe.

V.W. Bro. Duncan Smith, PGJO.