Integrity joins the tech revolution, or that is what it appears to be to ME

The breakthrough happened on Thursday, 7th May when thirteen members switched on their devices and joined the ‘ZOOM’ session under the guidance of V.W.Bro. Richard Putrell. It would have been fifteen but one of our group found that his BBC Acorn model was not up to the job and another rang Mike Nowell on the Friday as he could not find the Group. Mike pointed out that it had happened the day before, oh dear.

We did not have an agenda, that will be rectified for our next meeting on Thursday 21st, but it was a delight to see many happy smiling faces despite the horrors of the four walls prison that we have endured. It is difficult to see that we will be able to meet face to face until the Autumn but miracles may happen.In the meantime, however, we could have a link up with another Lodge but we will have to master our end first. Given my technophobic nature, this also extends to cameras, especially that in my mobile phone, it was good of Bro. Eric Denton to supply me with he following instructions. These are written in the knowledge that I was born and bred in Dewsbury and understand every word. This was common parlance in my upbringing, enjoy, you may learn something and it could have been sent a Sales and Marketing Exec., well perhaps?.

It’s Grim Up North! Relocating in Northern England is good for business; lots of the starving unemployed  eager to work for a pittance of pay and daring not to complain or they’ll be out on the street with their dozens of screaming bairns, and their benefits cut for six months.

  • But are you really getting the most from them? 
  • Are they ‘as much use as a chocolate teapot’ when it comes to the complexities of modern technology? 

Research has shown that Northerners aren’t as thick as they make out. They just can’t grasp the meaning of modern English. 

That’s why you need our new software package..!!br0ken!! 

The installation process automatically modifies their Windows start button 

All the usual Word menu options are there, but in a language your Northern England employees can understand

Even the warning messages have changed

If you need to send anything outside of Gods own Country, it has a Translate facility, so that folks even in that there London can understand.

 So what are you waiting for? Me to go to the foot of our stair?!

W Bro Duncan Smith PGSD

Communications Manager