Installation at the Portal Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 127. 21st April 2022 

An unusually early start at Eastgate Masonic Hall Barnsley, 4.30p.m. to be precise, but all was not lost as we ended at 8.30 p.m. and I was home for the second half of the football on Sky, oh dear what a sad life I lead! 

The Lodge was opened in fine form the Worshipful Master, Worshipful Brother Barry Martin, minutes of the previous meeting confirmed, when a report was given. This heralded the appearance of Assistant Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies,  Worshipful Brother Charles Lindsay who then brought forward Worshipful Brother Andrew Johnson, the Provincial Grand Senior Warden together with Worshipful Brother Paul Levey, Elected member of the Charity Committee, both took their places and received appropriate salutations.

At this juncture. Worshipful Brother Cliff East presented Brother Jack Crowther, Master Elect for the ensuing year, he answered the necessary questions and brethren below the Rank of an Installed Master withdrew. Worshipful Brother Jack was then duly obligated W.Bro.Barry, inculcated with the Signs and Secrets of an Installed Master,  presented with the Badge and Collar of his office and placed in the Chair of Adoniram.  The Installed Board was closed and the Brethren returned. The Working Tools were then presented and explained W.Bro. Barry, Warrant, Constitutions and Bye Laws followed together with the Keystone Collarette and Grand Patron Diamond Award. The Addressees were given in good order the following,

Worshipful Master​​W.Bro. Ian Schofield

Wardens​​​​ W.Bro. Rodney Tolson

Overseers​​​​ W.Bro. Michael Preston and

Brethren​​​​ W.Bro. Andrew Johnson.

Installation complete, attention turned to the Appointment and Investiture of Officers for the coming year. All efficiently despatched under the control of the Director of Ceremonies, W.Bro. Ian. The award of a Past Masters Jewel was in the hands of W.Bro. Cliff who despatched the duty with sincerity which was acknowledged W.Bro. Barry who confirmed that he would wear it with pride. The remaining agenda items then duly undertaken. The Lodge was closed and all adjourned for well earned sustenance

A very pleasant repast consumed, Prawn cocktail, Roast Pork and rice pudding, the Toast to the Province was in the safe hands of Worshipful Brother Stephen Ward asserting that the Provincial Officers were the back bone of the order, I doubt that anyone  would demur,  and as such were the heart of the Province. Responding. W.Bro. Andrew thanked W.Bro. Stephen for his kind comments, reward will follow in due course. He then reminded the brethren of forthcoming events particularly the Cycle event to take place from the 6th June, covering 400 miles in five days and visiting adjoining Provinces. If you have not done so please consider an appropriate donation The Provincial Social committee is to hold a Hoedown on Saturday 25thJune.  The venue is at Ringstone Hill Farm, Brierely near Barnsley, a must weather permitting,  Another important date for your diaries is the Festival celebrations in 2023 Friday 30th June and Saturday 1st July, a welcome Dinner on the Friday and the Gala Celebration on Saturday, both in Harrogate, refer to the web site for the detail for this and other events. 

Next was the Toast given Worshipful Brother Chris Beaumont in respect of the Mark Benevolent Fund and Cleeves and Whitehead Trust. W.Bro. Chris was standing in due to the indisposition of the Charity Steward, W.Bro. Richard Clague and despatched his responsibility in fine form. Replying W.Bro. Paul innovated providing a bottle of Whisky and a bottle of wine which would be the prizes for a draw on the evening and tickets for the raffle to be held at the Hoedown, three chances. This proved a singular inducement yielding funds for the Festival. Toasting his successor. W.Bro. Barry said that the Lodge was fortunate to have an experienced Freemason such as W,Bro. Jack at the helm and all looked forward to a successful year; in response W.Bro.Jack assured the Brethren that he would do his best, As Installing Master W.Bro. Barry was then congratulated Worshipful Brother Stephen for the exemplary manner, not only in respect of the quality of the  way in which he had Installed his successor but also his work for the Lodge over the past year. 

Finally the Toast to the Visitors W.Bro. Trevor Hurd, pointing out that the Lodge was fortunate to have eleven visitors from eight Lodges thanking them for finding the time to visit and hoping that they would find another moment in the next year to return,  Brother Adrian Eggleston of the Scout Lodge No.1907 thanked W.Bro Jack for the opportunity to respond and subsequent request to earn his keep bringing along his ‘box brownie’, he took the photos for me, what a star. He Congratulated Jack on taking the chair of Adoniram, the 133rd Worshipful Master of the Portal Lodge No.127, he is now currently Master of both Craft and Mark; also to W.Bro. Barry for a fine Installation Ceremony. The visitors had been looked after in the finest traditions their hosts, both Masonically and Gastronomically, and are looking forward to joining the Lodge for future meetings.

Further evidence of the Magic of the Mark. Smile, be happy you are all Mark Master Masons.

V.W. Bro. Duncan Smith, PGJO.