Huddersfield and Halifax Installed Masters Association 

The re-arranged H&H.I.M.A. AGM was held on Monday 30th May 2022 at the Assembly Rooms, Brighouse. The attendees at the committee type meeting were the Lodge I.M.A.Representatives and interested Past I.M.A. Presidents. On this occasion there was no pre meeting dinner.

The outgoing President, Worshipful Brother Lance Milburn reported that the past year or so had been exceedingly difficult due to covid. Since activity had restarted, he thanked the members who had attended the visits for their support. Although Lodge meeting attendances were down and patience was needed, now was the time to pick things up and move forward. We need to get going again, start moving forward and supporting our Lodges effectively.

The main item of business was the election and appointment of the officers for the year. Worshipful Brother Brian Viner as President, Worshipful Brother George Foster, Senior Vice President, Worshipful Brother Warren Marsden, Junior Vice President, Worshipful Brother Michael Jessop, secretary, and Worshipful Brother Bev Heywood treasurer.

The I.M.A is in a healthy financial state and the meeting confirmed that it would donate £2000 towards the Festival in the name of the eight Royal Ark Mariner Lodges in the area, depending on their situation towards the current target. Going forward the I.M.A. would raise money for the Provincial Festival event costs.

The members discussed the number of I.M.A. visits to the Lodges each year, how they are organised and the profile of them. It was agreed that the secretary and presidents produce a more effective process to be presented to the Lodge representatives. It was also suggested that going forward the AGM take place in June at the start of the summer break and the calendar be updated at this time and then on an ongoing monthly basis.

The incoming President, W. Bro. Brian. thanked everybody for their attendance and the meeting closed in a very upbeat and positive mood at 8.00 pm.

With thanks to W.Bro. John Davis P.Prov. G.Swd.B.

W.Bro. Andrew Johnson


Communications Manager