Grand Lodge Honours 2014

The following brethren of our province are to be appointed or promoted within Grand Lodge at the Grand Lodge Investiture Meeting on Tuesday 10 June 2014.

We offer them all our hearty congratulations.


First Appointments to Past Rank
W.Bro. Phillip Boyd P.A.G.D.C. Pudsey 658
W.Bro. David Edward Hymas P.A.G.D.C. Wharfedale 1027
W.Bro. David Christopher Readshaw P.G.St.B. Castle 1257
W.Bro. Thomas Henry Wise P.G.St.B. Morley 1905
W.Bro. John Alan Winder P.A.G.St.B. Dewsbury 641
Promotions to
W.Bro. Derek Brian Cope P.G.J.O. Eland 493
W.Bro. John Fred Clough P.G.J.O. Knaresborough Castle 768
W.Bro. Richard Boswell Puttrell P.G.S.D. Integrity 110
W.Bro. John Trevor Bolton P.G.J.D. Copley 111
W.Bro. David Marcus P.G.J.D. Portal 127
W.Bro. Roy Dobson P.G.J.D. Rother 651
W.Bro. Anthony Brian Hobson P.G.J.D. Escafeld 1139