Grand Honours 2009

At the Annual Grand Lodge Investiture Meeting, held at Freemasons Hall on Tuesday 9th June 2009, the Most Worshipful Grand Master made the following appointments to Grand Rank:

First Appointments:

W. Bros. Richard Puttrell, the Acting Rank of Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies
Stuart Carley, the Acting Rank of Grand Standard Bearer
Alan Oldfield, the Acting Rank of Grand Steward
Gerald Barker P.A.G.D.C.
Michael Minns, P.A.G.D.C.
Philip  Taylor, P.A.G.Swd.Br.
Tony Hobson, P.A.G.Std.Br.


W. Bros. Leslie Allinson to P.G.J.O.
Ian Wolstencroft to P.G.J.O.
Norman  Oakes to P.G.S.D.
John Clough A.P.G.M. to P.G.J.D.
Malcolm Mackown to P.G.J.D.
Desmond Ross to P.G.J.D.