General Knowledge Quiz 4

1. Which Agatha Christie novel is the first to feature Miss Marple?


2. Who directed the movies “A Bridge Too Far” and “A Chorus Line”?


3. How many legitimate children did King Henry VIII have?


4. Who was the first winner of football’s Ballon d’Or in 1956?


5. In which year did the “Boston Tea party” take place?


6. In which English county is the town of Bognor Regis?


7. In the stories Rudyard Kipling, what type of animal was Bagheera?


8. Phoebe is a personification of which astronomical feature?


9. The Victoria Falls lie between which two countries?


10. What colour is a Welsh Poppy?


11. How many novels did Emily Bronte publish?


12. What symbol is also known as an Octothorpe?


13. How many of the signs of the zodiac are symbolised animals?


14. In which modern day country would you find Mesopotamia?


15. Who came first to the British throne, the Tudors or the Stuarts?


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