Escorted Visit to Vulcan Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 1191

Monday 25 February 2015 6.00pm and the Lodge was opened in due form the Worshipful Master Worshipful Brother Mark Rothman, Provincial Grand Organist. Upon a report the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Worshipful Brother Richard Boswell Puttrell, thoroughly enjoying his debut performance leading an Escorted visit, was admitted, together with 18 Provincial Grand Lodge Officers of the year and to generous approbation.

Very Worshipful Brother Edward Keith Patnick P.G.J.O., Prov. G . Chaplin gave a moving Eulogy in memory of Worshipful Brother Graham Littlewood who died on 24 January 2015. W.Bro. Graham was affectionately known throughout the Province as the Marmalade Man who would spend hours preparing delicious marmalades, a favourite being Whisky flavoured, those were often the first to be chosen. The proceeds were always then generously donated, via the Lodge that he was visiting, to the Cleeves and Whitehead Trust. The Eulogy was delayed towards the end of the meeting in order that his son, Bro. Graham Stewart Littlewood, could be present, he having been delayed through work commitments.

Vulcan 25 Mar 15

The Advancement then followed of Brother Vic Reeves, no not the comedian or a relative of the 60’s Jim Reeves, but a member of The Stewart Hill Lodge No 9706. The ceremony was professionally despatched the Worshipful Master, very ably assisted his Brethren. A special mention for the Senior Deacon, Bro. Terry Sweet and to W.Bro. Alex Geddes for the Signs & Secrets. Unfortunately I could not attend and I am therefore indebted to W.Bro. Tony Hobson for the notes I am using to prepare this report but I would add that I have heard from a number of other Brethren who attended that it was one of the best renditions of the Signs and Secrets that they have ever heard, well done W.Bro. Alex.

There then followed an excellent explanation of the Mark Tracing Board given Brother Paul Wilson, a Member of Scarsdale Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 529 in the Province of Derbyshire

The perceptive amongst you will have realised now that this was a long meeting, 20 Agenda items over almost 2 hours and a half, regrettably the fried fish was well done.

The Toasts were also brief, the Deputy Provincial Grand Master in his response mentioned that Escorted Visits usually occur every 6 to 7 years and he just happened to have a copy of the last summons and a list of the Active Officers present on that occasion.  This proved interesting to those who had been present at that time, particularly to W.Bro. Mark Rothman, the Worshipful Master, who was Advanced on the night. A good time was enjoyed all.

Smile, be happy and enjoy your Mark Masonry.
W.Bro. D. Smith P.G.S.D., P.Prov.G.J.W