Escafeld Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 1139, Installation

An unusual event at Tapton in that the Worshipful Master, Worshipful Brother Philip Drury was proclaimed the Worshipful Master for a second year.  This I have never seen before and it was sincerely and capably dealt with all concerned.  We had met at 5.30 p.m. at Tapton Hall and the Lodge was opened in due form W.Bro. Philip Drury.  Following the usual formalities, Worshipful Brother Gary Crawford, the Provincial Grand Junior Warden and Representative of the Provincial Grand Master, was admitted accompanied Worshipful Brother Sam Cariss, Elected Representative of the Charity Committee.  In a relatively short ceremony, W.Bro. Philip was then proclaimed and appointed Worshipful Master of the Escafeld Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 1139 for the ensuing year and then invested his Officers of the year.

The next item of business was to present a Grand Lodge Certificate to Bro. Jason Trueman.  This was placed in the hands of W. Bro. Brian Trueman, P. Prov. Grand Senior Deacon of the Province of Derbyshire and a member of the Round table Lodge No. 1664.  One look at them was enough to confirm that this was Bro. Jason’s Father who, in congratulating his son on becoming a Mark Master Mason, expressed the hope that he would enjoy his Mark Masonry as much as he had; quite a moving moment and how typical of Mark Masonry that he was allowed to present the Certificate.  To the delight of all present, for the Lodge has not been enjoying busy times, a Candidate, Bro James Hoyes, a Master Mason of University Lodge, Sheffield No. 3911, was proposed for Advancement at their next meeting on Wednesday 18th of June. It is pleasing to note that Bro James is just 22 years old.

W. Bro. David Staniforth, Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies, was officiating for the last time and performed his duties to his usual high standard.  It is appropriate to record thanks for a job well done and to note that he has now moved on to greater heights as one of the Leaders of the Mark demonstration Team for the South of the Province covering the South Yorkshire and Huddersfield & Halifax Associations.

At the Festive Board, the response to the Toast to the Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons West Yorkshire was ably despatched W. Bro. Gary who reminded the Brethren of the Website and all the information which is now available.  W.Bro. Sam Cariss confirmed that to date no calls have been received the Provincial Almoner’s ‘hot line’.  He reiterated the mantra that has been emphasised before: the Charity remains convinced that we are not reaching some of our Brethren in need.  There is a requirement for all Lodges to ensure that Brethren who do not attend their Lodge are not only spoken to but visited – the last is a must to be sure that all is well.

In conclusion W. Bro, Philip thanked all for attending and expressed the conviction that whilst there was a deal of work to do, with the Team he had on board he felt confident that the Escafeld ship could be steered to calmer waters.  Brethren, W.Bro. Philip and the members of Escafeld Lodge No. 1139 are committed to this cause, but as Mark Master Masons they could do with some help. Accordingly , not only do I think that it would be wonderful for Bro James Hoyes to see a full Temple, but it would clearly lift the Lodge Members, and I encourage all the Mark Masons at Tapton Hall and all those in the South Yorkshire Association of Installed Masters to give their support on 18 June. Finally,  all those outside the S.Y.A.I.M. who count W.Bro. Philip a friend could also join us (I am aware that he does not have many, but Ruth does, so let us support her! It will make her happy and Philip will follow). Let me see as many as possible on 18June. PLEASE PUT IT IN YOUR DIARY NOW.