Diary of “Mark Mason” revisited

Following the last session of “Mark Mason”, one of several blood bikes donated Freemasonry in our Province. We thought you would like another snapshot of what, through your giving, the Province can continue to support. To read the first article click here.

The BMW R1200RPT provided the Province had a special run out today. A relay was set up from York to Manchester to deliver a donation of breast milk. 100 miles completed the photos show the hand-over at Hartshead Moor Services. We’re very lucky to have two bikes buzzing around West Yorkshire sponsored Freemasonry. The other one is called Victoria and is sponsored the Royal Arch. 

Presently in the fleet the duty alternates between Mark Mason and Victoria, which means Freemasonry provides 100% of the coverage in our area. White Knights also covers North Yorkshire and Sheffield, which use a separate rota system.

Brethren, thank you for you generosity. As you can see your donations are being put to good use.

… and it doesn’t end there.  The relay rider from Manchester is the Past Master of a Lodge in Cheshire!