Demonstration of the Old York Mark Workings, St. Chads

Follow successful demonstrations of the old workings of the Mark Masons Degree (1778-1878) at Integrity Lodge MMM No110 and Britannia MMM No. 53 the South Yorkshire Association of Installed Masters demonstration team were invited to the St Chad Lodge of MMM No. 374 on 9th September.

One of the aims of the Association is “to further the interests of Mark Masonry any means that may be mutually agreed” and Castle Grove proved an excellent occasion to advance Masonic knowledge and the assembled brethren a most appreciative audience. It is believed that this was the first time the old workings had been ‘on show’ outside South Yorkshire since the first re-enactment in 1968. For those unable to attend a further demonstration is scheduled for Ainley MMM Lodge No. 1739, Wetheron 20 October 2010.

The Worshipful Master of the St Chad Lodge, WBro Richard G. Brown, proved an enthusiastic ‘candidate’ and a most industrious ‘workman’ when preparing the smooth ashlar as those present will vouch! The enactment was performed in the presence of WBro JamesSteggles, DPGM and WBro John Clough APGM. The President of SYAIM, WBro Bill Hartley was the Inner Guard.

To add even more colour to the evening the demonstration team were resplendent in their new replica aprons which are appropriate to the period and displayed all the Masonic symbols of the various degrees being worked at that time.

The team were ably directed WBro Brian Short and WBro Robert Corfield PAPGM and assisted WBro Richard Puttrell Prov.GDC