Deeds speak volumes compared to Words-’Res non Verba’

Yes, many of you will recall that I have used my old Grammar School motto to encourage action before, here we go again. I know where I will be on Saturday, 13thApril, the Annual Meeting of Provincial Grand Lodge at Bradford Grammar School. I know that many of you will be joining me but some of you have yet to confirm the fact returning the Luncheon confirmation with payment, bear in mind even if you cannot take Lunch, the Ceremony is still worth the visit.

This meeting is the highlight of the year which is the only time you receive a personal Invite from R.W.Bro.Jim Steggles, G.M.R.A.C to his Lodge and it is an opportunity for you to do the courtesy of reciprocating his visits to you. It also  provides an opportunity for you to thank him for his last seven years devotion to you and the Province. I should also point out that both the Assistant Grand Master and the Grand Secretary will attend, and it will be a delight to welcome them 

Allow me also to remind Masters in the Chair that one of your prime responsibilities is to represent your Lodge at the Provincial Meeting, if possible with your Wardens and-some Brethren.  It goes without saying that Grand Lodge officers together with their colleagues of Provincial Grand Lodge should also appear, they should lead example. I know that I can count upon you all not to let the Province, that means all of us, down or R.W.Bro.Jim, I look forward to seeing you and more particularly, I hope that Jim does.

Worshipful Brother Duncan Smith P.G.S.D.

Communications Manager