Corona Virus – Member Update

Dear Sir and Brother Corona Virus Member Update In conjunction with the United Grand Lodge of England and the Ancient & Accepted Rite, we are today issuing an unprecedented joint statement providing you with updated guidance on action to be taken to reduce the risk of infection with the Corona Virus.  

Corona Virus – Member Update.pdf 

The age profile of our Orders means that most of our members sit in the higher risk groups where mortality rates, age, reveal an unprecedented risk to our members and our organisation. In view of this, the Rulers and I feel that it is better to err on the side of caution and advise actions in excess of current government guidance. 

I believe that prevention is better than cure and that to deploy measures aimed at reducing the potential risk of infection now is a far preferable move than to wait until the situation worsens. 

As in all things, common sense must prevail, and I would urge you to adopt the updated guidance whilst taking a practical and reasonable approach to continuing your enjoyment of our Orders. 

Brethren resident outside England & Wales are advised to consider the advice of their local Public Health Authority in conjunction with this note. 

With fraternal regards and best wishes. 

R.W.Bro. Ryan A Williams, P.G.J.W.
Grand Secretary