Congratulations to our Brethren whose Grand rank status is confirmed today.

Tuesday, 8th September when a goodly number of Brethren from the West Yorkshire Province would have been at Grand Mark lodge in London to witness  honours bestowed upon the following Brethren which become effective today.  The original article was placed upon the web some months ago but for those who, for whatever reason,  did not pick up on the message, I have repeated it in full, see below.

Regrettably we are  unable to congratulate any of them in person with an appropriate hand shake.; that also applied to all who received Provincial Grand Lodge Honours on the 18th April. Can I suggest, therefore, that all Lodges where Brethren have received distinction make a note so that, when we reconvene, notice is given in Lodges when appropriate recognition can follow. 

Finally I am sure that it will not escape your attention that both W,Bro. Alan Oldfield and W.Bro. John Vause will henceforth be addressed as Very Worshipful Brother, a significant accolade.

Worshipful Brother Duncan Smith P.G.S.D.

Communications Manager