Confessions of a Junk Dealer

V.W.Bro. Edward Patnick, P.G.J.O. is already known to Mark Master Masons throughout the Province in his capacities as Provincial Grand Chaplain, Lecturer, Trustee of the Cleeves and Whitehead Trust and as a Representative of the Provincial Grand Master at Installations.

Some of you will have heard his Lecture, ‘The Confessions of a Junk dealer’ and been amused and intrigued the anecdotes that he delivers, these are the tip of the iceberg. In his book bearing the same title, he chronicles his life as a man, a Mason and a Junk dealer in Sheffield for more than 50 years. He tells the tale of his Jewish Ancestors, who fled Russian persecution, arriving in Sheffield in the 1880’s. His great grandfather Nathan working as a Hebrew teacher, followed Grandfather, Abey(Harry) who started the junk business, to be carried on his Father, Aaron and then, Edward

As a flavour of what readers of the book enjoy, he tells of the time that the V.A.T. Inspectors called, during which the Junior Inspector asked Edward ’where does all the cash that you take on the Market stall go?’, whilst Edward was desperately trying to come up with the answer, the Inspector said, ‘in his pockets of course, anyway we have finished so good bye’. There are many others, too numerous to mention, from pharmaceuticals and a sale priced at £180 paid for in 5p pieces, to the Inland Revenue for Lunch and a house clearance where they found an old lady in Bed!

He now enjoys retirement with his lovely wife, Anne, and the rest of his family and it is there that the reason for the Book lies. He has given talks and raised £23,500 for the bacharity, Tommy’s, since his daughter, Lisa, gave birth to a still born child in 2002. At least one third of the purchase price of his book is donated to that Charity.

I am an avid reader and I can tell you that this is a well written, amusing and very interesting journey taking you into a world you would not imagine, and if you decide to buy one you will find it difficult to put down.

I did almost add that if you do not like it, you can have your money back, but no surprises there, my retired Bank Manger hat will not let me do that!

Enjoy the read.

Duncan Smith